Writing An Auto-Responder For Selling Ebooks

By | February 27, 2017
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Writing a good auto-responder for selling eBooks requires the ability to see the situations from the perspective of your customer. What do they want to know about what you are an expert in, and why do they need your secrets specifically?  Unless you make your case, your auto-responder for selling eBooks will not achieve what you hope, and most subscribers will unsubscribe from your list without purchasing your product. Provide real value, and they may just take you up on your offer.

One of the best ways of using your auto-responder to sell eBooks is to offer something free to your visitors. Rather than just providing any old item for free, make it something good and polish it up real nice. Your free product is ultimately what advances the sale and closes the deal, not some one-a-day email chain that goes on for 7 days straight and ends up in the spam box of subscribers. How often do you buy from people that come at you from this perspective?

Most people prefer a more casual approach to being sold, and they will appreciate a more subtle push towards making the sale. Instead of hammering out 5 emails in 5 says, how about sending out an instant email and following up 2 days later? A little bit of time to digest and a friendly email follow up with more free content will lead to more sales than the pushy snake-oil auto-responder series, at least for quality products outside of the traditional “make money online” niche.

This reality is probably a bit different than what you get from most eBook publishers, but it is true.  Respect and mutual understanding build rapport. If you are sending someone a pushy sales letter for seven days straight, chances are you don’t really respect them. Customers can feel this. Get eBook publishing coaching

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