Which factors should be considered when choosing the appropriate engraver?

By | March 28, 2017
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There are numerous laser engraver bands out there, they’ve their very own ideas in direction of the engraver buying mission. So how to decide on the suitable engraver? Any model engraver can’t content material all the shopper’s requirement. When selecting the engraver you need to take into account these components as following: sustain with the develop of occasions, fulfill the necessity of your course of function and your develop route, accord along with your firm actuality ,meet the wants of your organization shoppers; For the reason that wants, the event route and the corporate actuality is totally different so you need to select the totally different engraver.

Sustain with the business growth:is the event route of engrave manufacturing business.

asks for the engraver has these features: handy function system; solely the handy function engraver can meet the manufacturing want, and it turns into doable to make one individual function just a few engravers. Just one individual be capable to function just a few engravers can it present some great benefits of.At current, the handy function system has the next embodiment: auto goal at knife, auto exchange knife, real-time monitor, break level reminiscence and so forth.

Tremendous- sturdy stability and predominant cooling functionality: The ability that with out super-strong stability and predominant cooling functionality can’t guarantee its work time, it can’t exhibit the benefit of manufacturing both. Tremendous-strong stability is decided by the part selection and the exhibition of wiring elements. The sticking level is whether or not the producer undertake import part and whether or not they have the unbiased analysis functionality.

Continuable improve: the engraver can renovate conveniently is one other demand of manufacturing. The engraver that with out continuable improve functionality will make you make investments ceaselessly. Whether or not the producer have the all-around analysis functionality determines whether or not the producer can replace persistantly.

asks for the engraver has these features:continuable improve;in line with the consumer’s want the engraver ought to replace always.whether or not the engraver producer has the all-round analysis functionality turns into the sticking level;and whether or not the engrave producer has the analysis speciality collection engraver turns into the important thing level, too.

Fulfill your self course of function;

accord along with your firm actuality; Each engrave manufacturing firm ought to select the totally different measure and specification engraver in line with the energy and course of function of firm. For instance, when the company give precedence to the good breadth space, it ought to select the 1.2H engraver, if the company’s capital energy does not wealthy it ought to select the comparatively excessive worth ratio machine.

Fulfill the necessity of company shoppers, consumer’s necessities have the next major points: the character of engraving; the character is decided by the engrave precision, operate of design software program and glorious latter course of technics.The engraver should undertake imported electrical energy machine, ball bearing thread pole and information rail with a view to guarantee its engrave precision. You could have highly effective software program compatibility after which can apply glorious design software program. If you wish to maintain glorious latter course of technics,the producer or supplier ought to supply the coaching about latter course of technics.

Time ensurance of supply: the ensurance of supply time is decided by the engraver velocity and high quality of after sale service. Engraver velocity primarily lie on whether or not the engraver has the next features: velocity of engrave and emptiness stroll separated, spherical arc dictate and subdivision, auto-saving materials typeset, knife items choose scheme.

Engraver’s service high quality is decided by the next points:
whether or not the product suppliers maintain the proper after-sale service system, whether or not maintain the great after-sale parts provide,whether or not have the superior diathesis technic engineer,whether or not have the wonderful after-sale service ideas.Whether or not the manufacture have the plentiful capital energy, whether or not can develop persistly associated to the analysis,product,sale and repair of engrave services.

Worth of engraving execution lies on the engrave price

Engrave price interrelated to the engraver efficiency has the next points: whether or not have the power adapt to manufacturing, whether or not maintain the wonderful regular efficiency, whether or not favors very long time work and so forth. We hope we will help you shopping for your passable engraver.

All of the above components should get provement from the web, on this manner you’ll acquire deeper perceive in regards to the machine and the manufacturing facility.

Tryout the machine repeatedly and know each manufacturing facility’s distinguish and benefit.

Easy methods to higher exert the work effectivity of engrave incise machine?

For the aim of safety defending and excessive environment friendly manufacturing, a very powerful factor is to make sure the services’ every day safety upkeep; If you are able to do that, not solely can postpone the lifetime of machine but in addition can maintain and enhance the method high quality of manufacturing on a regular basis, reaching regular excessive effectivity finally.

Please works because the gadgets beneath 1. grounding all proper The laser electrical energy supply and machine device (chuang ti) will need to have good earth safety. The bottom line ought to use leased floor line that lower than 4Q.The need consist:
(1) make sure the laser electrical energy supply works usually.
(2) postpone the utilizing lifetime of laser pipe.
(three) keep away from the surface interference which might trigger the machine device leap.
(four) keep away from excessive strain discharge which can trigger the circuit trauma by probability, for god’s sake! for god’s sake!

2. cooling water ought to movement expeditly

Whether or not the faucet water or the circle water pump should maintain the water movement expeditly.The cooling water is used to drive the warmth of laser pipe, the upper the water temperature is the decrease gentle energy output(take the 15-20oC water temperature superb);When break the water it should trigger the top of pipe burst, even shatter the laser supply for accumulating warmth within the laser cavity. So it is rather important to examine whether or not the cooling water movement expeditly at any second. When the water pipe forcedly break or come off that trigger the water pump failure, you will need to restore promptly, lest the facility descend and even trigger the gear shatter.

three. cleanness upkeep, good exclude wind, wipe at any second cleanness upkeep of machine device is the important situation for machine device working usually. Simply suppose how can we transfer when our articulations will not be versatile. The identical precept, machine device information rail is the excessive precision core parts, you will need to wipe clear after end each work, maintain glabrous and lubricant; every axletree ought to pour oil termly, in order to make the drive versatile, course of precisely, postpone the utilizing lifetime of machine device.

four. atmosphere temperature and humidity

atmosphere temperature ought to within the 5-35 scope. The actual discover is that when you use it within the atmosphere that underneath the freezing level you will need to do that:keep away from the circle water icing up within the laser pipe, you will need to pour the water drastically after ceasing the machine. When open the machine, laser electrical present should warm-up over 5 minutes then can work. Within the somber and moist atmosphere, the laser electrical energy supply wants longer warm-up time. It will probably throw excessive strain after excluding moist assuredly, in order to keep away from the excessive strain circuit taking pictures off.

5. Use the laser excessive strain key appropriately

When dial by way of the ‘laser excessive strain key, laser electrical energy supply within the stand-to property, when fall throughout guide emit gentle’ or laptop misuse, it should ship out laser gentle, and damage folks or matter unconsciously. So when you do not course of constantly you need to flip off the laser excessive strain after ending each work. (you needn’t flip off the laser electrical present. The operator is forbid leaving casually when the machine is working, lest occur suddenness. We propose your steady work time ought to lower than 5 hours, you might bait for 30 minutes.

6. Away from the good electrical energy capability or sturdy shaking equipments

The abrupt nice electrical energy capability interference will outcome within the failure of machine, though it isn’t usually occur you need to keep away from strive your greatest. So, comparable to huge electrical energy weld machine, large electrical energy dasher and enormous transport change electrical energy services ought to avoid. Not to mention sturdy shaking equipments. Such because the quiver attributable to forging press machine and cellular autos at lengthy bowls, the earth’s apparent tingle. They’re unfriendly to the correct engrave.

7. Defend the raid of thunder

So long as your constructing can defend the thunder.The primary node of this part good earth is sweet for defending thunder.

Especial suggestion:

Within the unstable internet electrical energy space(for instance: the strain heave exceed 5%) please set up a secure strain supply which functionality exceed 3000W no less than, defending the strain heave instantly and burn the circuit or laptop.

eight. preserve and management the steadiness of PC

To manage the PC is principally used to manage the engrave services.Besides including set up the important aircraft design sofeware, you need to make the particular machine for the particular use with out failure.

As a result of after the pc set up the community card or fireproofing wall that kill the poison,will have an effect on the management machine velocity badly. Please do not set up the fireproofing wall that kill the poison.In the event you want the community card to tansmit the info, you might be forbid to make use of the community card earlier than working the engraver.

9. upkeep of information rail: because of the supplies that ought to be processed will produce a mass of powder mud. Upkeep strategies: first, use the cotton fabric to wipe out the first lube and powder mud on the information rail.After wipe it clear, please brush a flat of lube on the floor or aspect face of the information rail. Upkeep interval: about one week.

10. upkeep of (climate machine): after the climate machine working time period, within the climate machine and exclude wind pipe will accumulate plentiful powder mud.The facility mud will have an effect on the excluding wind effectivity and lead to plentiful mud can’t be excluded. Upkeep strategies: loosen the connection throat of excluding wind pipe and climate machine,offload the excluding wind pipe,clear up the mud within the excluding wind pipe and climate machine. Upkeep interval: about one month.

11. tighten fastness of screw: after the game system works acknowledged time,the screw within the sport connection will loosen, when the screw loosened, it should have an effect on the placidity of machine motion.Upkeep strategies: use the instruments that connect given along with the machine to tight the screws one after the other. Upkeep interval: about one month.

12. upkeep of lens: after the machine works time period, the lens will adhibit a flat of mud, on this manner it should scale back the mirror charge of mirror lens and permeation charge of lens, and it’ll have an effect on the laser work effectivity finally.Upkeep strategies: use the pledget dipping ethanol evenly wipe the floor of lens deasil, to wipe out the mud.

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