What Is Guerilla Marketing?

By | March 19, 2017
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Guerilla Marketing for an online site or blog is not a “fixed” group of strategies. No strict regulations apply as such (however, see the guidelines, below) Guerilla marketing gets its power from originality and innovation. It does not entail expensive conventional avenues like TV or radio campaigns. These are tried and true methods that conventional companies have used for years: hand-outs, pens, T-shirts, or decals.

Guerilla Marketing campaigns also use techniques that are more out of the ordinary, such as contests, PR stunts, and whatever type of innovative marketing strategy you can imagine. Podcasts are growing in their popularity. Be original with your ideas.

To begin your work as a guerilla marketer, you first need to exercise your creativity. Find different methods to get the message about your merchandise or service to reach possible clients.

Consider your product as your customer would see it. Who are the potential clients? What are their thought processes? In dealing with teenagers, for example, your campaign should be energetic, to catch and keep their attention and interest. However, a trendy, “hip” campaign won’t likely be attractive for austere professionals or senior citizens. If you are targeting gender-specific audiences of any age, naturally your campaign would focus on catching the attention of ladies or gentlemen.

Integrity and work ethic in business are required regardless of the kind of marketing methods that are employed (with guerilla marketing, employ multiple campaigns; don’t limit yourself to just a couple)

Regardless of what you are told; just as with every successful company, if you spread your message but you don’t have a superior item to sell, your time and work will be misspent. Or worse. The ideal marketing technique is word of mouth; however, it is also the most damaging for those who perform poor work. A big tax agency I previously was employed with told its workers that customers who are happy with the service you provide might let a couple people know. However, if they are displeased, they’ll be sure to tell everybody they meet!

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