What is Digital Marketing

By | February 26, 2017
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The term Digital Marketing is gaining popularity gradually.Till date it is not a very well defined term.Digital Marketing is a broad term that encompasses marketing tools like search engine optimization,pay per click and banner advertising.But this will be a narrow definition of the term.

Digital Marketing also includes blogging,RSS,SMS,email,podcasting,voice broadcast,fax broadcast,instant messaging,wireless text messaging,social bookmarking and video streams.It never includes traditional methods like print media,TV, radio or billboard.

It is because those mediums do not give the opportunity to count the number of people who had seen or heard or read an advertisement.In traditional forms even if you get some response it takes time to get feedback from the customers.Moreover those forms do not allow you to reach global audience at a time.

With Digital Marketing it has become easier to communicate with the audience and track the viewer or listener or reader statistics.Change in the technological field has enabled you to interact with the client immediately.It mainly concentrates on Internet marketing strategies.

Internet has grown a strong communication vehicle over the years and it has been recognized as a powerful marketing medium as well.Digital Marketing allows you to examine the success of a campaign on the basis of some factors like what the audience is viewing,how often are they viewing and for how long are they viewing the campaign.You can also track the response rate or number of purchase made and so on.

But it is important to remember that Digital Marketing encompasses a number of marketing tools and all of them can not provide the same kind of reports.Different tools are effective in different ways and it is also important to note that a number of new technologies are evolving now and then.

With instant messaging you can converse with the clients.Webcasting also gives the same opportunity.If you want to chat with the clients you can go for email and social networking sites.And if you have podcast in your website it is just like having a small radio station of your own.

Digital Marketing can be considered as a combination of “push” and “pull” marketing techniques that helps to execute the marketing campaigns.Push is when you get in touch with a consumer and encourage them to buy your product and service.You can send SMS on the mobile phones of your customer or send them emails.Detailed tracking and reporting is possible in Push marketing.It also offers high return on investment.

On the other hand pull is when the customers take the initiative to find you on the web world with the help of Digital Marketing.When the customers know about your website they can easily contact you. The customers establish a link with your company through podcasts,streaming video and so on.In Pull marketing there is no restriction regarding the type or size of the content.Since the customers find you,you don’t need to use any technology to send your message to them.

Digital Marketing can boost your business in a great way.

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