What is AutoBlog Samurai And How Does it Work?

By | March 7, 2017
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For you to completely understand how powerful AutoBlog Samurai is, you first must know and understand what an auto blog actually is.

An auto blog is basically a blog that pulls content from other sites or blogs via their RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed automatically. You set the auto blogging plug-in or software to pull content based on certain criteria you set.

Basically, if you have a blog about golfing, you can set the software to pull content about golfing from all over the internet and then post it to your blog automatically. Essentially, you can make money online with a website that has other people’s content.

Many people are not in favor of auto blogs because you are basically making money on other people’s work. That is a debate for another day.

AutoBlog Samurai is an auto blogging software suite created by Paul Ponna. Ponna has created other successful and best selling products like Copy Paste Systems and Miracle Traffic Bot.

Download a copy of AutoBlog Samurai here.

With your purchase of AutoBlog Samurai, you will receive the following software programs: Blogger Samurai, WordPress Samurai, Content Samurai, Keyword Samurai.

The beauty of AutoBlog Samurai is the fact that you will have all the tools necessary to create highly profitable auto blogs with original content because it has a special feature that will spin the various posts into unique content before it posts it to your website. This feature is priceless because you do not risk the Google slap for duplicate content.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of auto blogging then AutoBlog Samurai would not be for you. However, for everybody else, this software suite can really help you get a successful auto blog up and running quickly.

If you already have an auto-blog, then you should definitely consider AutoBlog Samurai because it can help you work smarter and not harder at auto-blogging.

Download a copy of AutoBlog Samurai here.

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