The wrist watch plus the mobile phone direction

By | March 18, 2017
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About the mobile phone topic, we have a few time talked about this, include Motorola smart-watches-300x195smart-watches-300x195MotoActv and the app I’m Color run on the Android OS. Recently, you may be heard the recently there’re another app is too hot. First, we don’t talk about the fashion style, if you want to buy $100 watch combine with the decorate and the complex function. We recommend you can choose the Casio Bluetooth Watch, or consider the Sony second blue teeth Smart Watch——honestly, you can choose a abstract question, which part of the smart phone is divide from the mobile phone?

  The first direction——The target is save the power, the watch is only remind you

I have tried Casio GB-6900, used the blue tooth 4.0 standard, simple function——the simple function is push the info. But the main advantage is save your power, if you turn on the blue tooth whole day, the watch also can insist on more than one year. Casio named it is the second country timer, because it keep the traditional electrical character: stable, lasting, correct.

Don’t you think the wrist watch appeared Micro USB plug is another anti-human design? Yeah, in most people mind a watch means lasting run and correct. But Casio is a discount watch manufacture is not only email note, notice alarm, calendar notice. They’re owned the basic function is only a watch without any others function. If someone is practice them persuasion that want the Casio install ARM chip keep the wrist watch one week, with Micro USB plug? Why I fell we’re talking about the fairytale? When you glance at your GB-6900, there’re two unread email that’s enough.

The second direction——The whole function is target

If you wear a tiny smart mobile phone on your wrist, this will be more fit Smart Watches definition. It can take the responsible that not only push info, it can finish reading the info with the interworking. The big inner storage room, capacitive touch screen, high CPU is cover the similar several products. It’s enough “smart”, but this product we called it’s android smartphone or the future will appear android smartwatch? Like the last Sony Ericsson version allowed the users can read Twitter info in the subway, you won’t need your smartphone, you only look at your watch.

Today, we check the smartphone in the e-commerce market, this Monther’s Day is coming. Today, the womens watches function is more powerful like the lasting time and the anti-shake, anti-water character, we believe the watch is enough cool if the child is enough smart.

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