The Value of Promotional Gifts

By | March 9, 2017
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Love or hate them, promotional giveaways play an important part in the promotional mix. This promotional mechanism is very versatile and can be given to a variety of customers including business clients, media contacts or to the general populace at exhibitions. Sourcing the right promotional gift is wrought with pitfalls in design, sourcing and even proofing. Get it right and promotional giveaways can play an important part of an exhibition, product launch or even create that lasting image at the end of a sales call.

Promotional gifts should be useful. If they are for a valued client, you must ensure that they are of a significant quality, otherwise the gift will backfire. According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) the most popular gifts are diaries, mouse mats, calculators, pens, calendars, post it notes, desk pads and pencils. The most unusual first according to this association are seeds, money boxes, fluffy toys, air fresheners, ornaments, wooden jigsaws and snow globes.

The best promotional gifts support your company brand where other mediums couldn’t reach e.g. In an office environment, your brand could be visible on mobile phone holders, note pads, pens, on even a mouse mat. However there is nothing worse to have gone through all the hard work in sourcing, vetting and ordering only to have them thrown way of given to the children as novelty item.

You must make sure that the promotional item is in keeping with your company profile. If you are importing via the Far East, make sure that the goods meet required import and safety standards.

Promotional gifts or giveaways can achieve many things:

Increase brand awareness. The more you see a product or brand message, the more its sticks in a customer head. It must be targeted so you shouldn’t give anything tacky to an important client.

As part of a sales campaign. Top end merchandise can be used as a prize to an internal or external sales campaign.

Product Launch. Promotional gifts are a great way of adding value to a product launch

Brand loyalty. Promotional gifts can act as a reward for brand loyalty. You only have to see that all the top brand in world still use promotional gifts as part of their marketing strategy. If you brand occupies a premium setting then it will have more impact and may be sought after by brand advocates.

Sponsorships/Charities. You may not be able to supply sponsorship to a charity looking to raise funds, but you can supply promotional goods.

Influence purchases. Promotions gifts may influence a reseller’s future purchase.

Provide a service to your resellers. Bags, shirts, stationery help save your reseller money, as they don’t have to buy those items themselves. It also gets your brand out visibly at the point of purchase.

As a simple thank you. A promotion gift is an ideal way to say thank you to a valued customer.

The final test though to see if a promotional giveaway is worth giving, is to ask yourself this question. Would you like to receive it or use it? If the answer is no, then find something else.

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Ian Lockyer

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