The Latest Marketing Trends

By | March 8, 2017
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The Latest Marketing Trends

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14 Wednesday Mar 2012

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Hopefully you’ve completed and implemented your marketing plan for 2012. But when you created it did you take into account new marketing trends? Did you build in some flexibility to fit the latest marketing trends? If you’re not sure what to expect this year, we’ve got some thoughts:Mobile marketing is going to be bigger than ever! EPiServer claims that not only have at least a third of smartphone owners have used their phone to make online purchases, but that number is rapidly growing. It’s vital to understand and appreciate that a large number of potential prospects window shop, research products and purchase through their smartphone and portable tablet. Mobile marketing means businesses must adapt and maintain mobile-ready creative content that’s easy to view and navigate on the go. It’s how consumers shop now.

Social media and business brands will merge. As more companies utilize social media for Internet marketing, they will experience an active connect with prospects and clients. Social media as a marketing trend isn’t new, but it is better utilized and showing extreme positive results. It allows better customer service, continuous dialogue with consumers and more branding opportunities the more it’s used. Social media is rapidly becoming “Internet marketing,” which appeals to the masses and expands daily.

Custom content is key to brand recognition and audience participation. Too many companies rely on SEO companies and social media marketing firms that promise to deliver 50+ articles or blog posts each week. Anyone who pays for these services is being duped. The articles are not top quality, business specific or interesting to read. Most are mass produced to be “industry specific,” and then tweaked just enough to not be considered a copyright infringement. They do nothing to gain interest or a following and are often detrimental to sales. Custom content is typically produced by professional Web copywriters, tailored to the business who hired them or their firm. Custom copy used for Internet marketing is interesting to its audience, keyword enhanced to boost page rankings and done in a way that starts conversations and piques interest in the product/service/company it showcases.

More marketing channels will be utilized and merged. Companies who used to rely on traditional marketing pieces recognize the marketing trend that blends old with new. It’s not effective to rely on single marketing efforts. Companies need a broader marketing approach that spans the Internet, traditional pieces, social media and other marketing channels. And the message needs to echo each effort. Creating a coherent, cohesive brand between multiple channels will provide a streamlined presence.

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