The Clickbank Code Scam

By | February 26, 2017
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If you’re new to Internet Marketing, you can easily be intrigued by the issues surrounding the Clickbank Code scam. You may know about the Clickbank network, but you have no idea just what the Clickbank Code is all about. First, we should thresh out the issue whether the CB code is a scam before delving into other details.

The Clickbank Code Author

The issue about the Clickbank Code scam can easily be settled. First of all, is Michael Jones a scammer? People who know Michael Jones well will definitely disagree with this. You see, Michael Jones has already authored three top selling products, the Adsense Code, the eBay Code and the Torrential Traffic Tactics. By these alone, Mr. Jones and his recently released The Clickbank Code can hardly be considered as a hoax or scam. With that settled, let’s look into the CB Code reviews and find out what reviewers have to say.

The Clickbank Code Review

However, the affiliate marketer is cautioned into entering the course with hopes of duplicating Michael Jones’ Clickbank record earnings of $1,600 per day or $48,000 a month. There are limits on what one is supposed to believe with regard to the publicity aspects of a product. The consensus is that the CB Code review is highly recommended as training course material that can enhance the marketing knowledge of the Clickbank affiliate but it is not a tool that can earn as much as Michael Jones did in a short span of time.

The Clickbank Code Guarantee

Another common misconception is the Clickbank Code Guarantee. The guarantee does not apply to the outcome of the training course or the earnings that will be realized by the affiliate marketer if he adopts the techniques used by Michael Jones in his Clickbank deals.

The guarantee is about the degree of satisfaction in relation to the methods being shared my Michael Jones. The buyer of the training program is given a two-month period to try out the course and if within the two months the buyer arrives at a decision that the course materials are not worth what he paid for, then the author guarantees the payment of a refund. Provided, however, that the materials are returned and the claim is made before the two months have expired.

Now based on my experience as one of the buyers of the Clickbank Code, I agree with the results of the CB Code reviewers. The training course has enriched my knowledge in creating, developing and using Internet marketing tools for my Clickbank affiliate marketing deals. The results in adopting the methods Michael Jones shared in the cb code, are impressive if based on my own track record.

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