Store Clothes Hangers Represent a Cost-Effective Business Boost

By | March 20, 2017
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There’s no denying the importance of a good, solid set of store clothes hangers in a retail store. However, business owners are naturally more focused on moving their products, so they often forget or even completely overlook the value of in-store display materials such as hangers.

In the case of a retail store, getting the right clothes hangers will obviously protect the merchandise from mishandling and damage. After all, the unrelenting weight of a heavy jacket or coat on an ill-fitted hanger could result in torn seams, deformed clothing and merchandise that can’t be sold.

Aside from these obvious points, however, the right store clothes hangers present prospective customers with the best visuals that the merchandise has to offer. The emotionally arresting visual elements and cues communicated by clothes on appropriate hangers can be powerful enough to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Taken as a whole, a uniform distribution of well-chosen hangers within a properly lit and decorated retail space makes for an excellent-looking display, with the potential to impart a highly memorable level of presentation appeal. Available in a wide range of materials, from acrylic plastic to carved wood, clothes hangers provide customizable protection for merchandise as well as enabling the store to have a uniform look and feel.

On top of all of these, clothes hangers for stores can, for a very nominal fee, be customized with the store’s logo. This helps boost the store’s brand image and the overall value of the merchandise itself.

The best kinds of store clothes hangers are those that come from a company with years of custom crafting experience, These companies must be eager to work with the business owner to come up with products that suit both the merchandise for sale as well as the store’s own brand direction.

Henry Hanger is a pioneer in crafting specialized hangers for visual displays. They manufacture custom store clothes hangers that can be customized for specific brands, needs and purposes. For more information about their products, or to avail of their services, call 888-HENRY-77 or visit

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