Starting a Prayer Ministry

By | February 22, 2017

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Every church and every Christian organization have a number of ministries established to participate in the work of the Lord. There is a praise and worship ministry, Sunday school, evangelism ministry, discipleship ministry, outreaches, and prayer ministry, among others.

Of all these, prayer ministry could be one of the most challenging and most crucial. Each type of worker has his or her own set of hurdles, but the one who is tasked to intercede is required to have a quiet heart in tune with God. An intercessor’s job does not involve much physical effort or travelling to far places, but rather a journey into one’s own relationship with and dependence on God.

How To Start A Prayer Ministry: A Step By Step Guide To Building A Successful Prayer Ministry is an guide to setting up a prayer ministry and prayer lines that can produce miracles by drawing from the strength, provision, and power of the Lord. It discusses the importance of establishing code of ethics for intercessors and building a group of people who are willing to intercede for the needs of other people, familes, churches, the country, and the world.

It details what is required of each intercessor – what qualities and gifts to possess, what principles the interecessors should follow, and what actions to observe or refrain from – based on the Scriptures. It gives every worker of God an idea of what this ministry entails and what challenges a group of intercessors face.

This guide also enumerates the types of prayer ministry setups a group can adapt. There are those that are more manageable than others; there are those that would require more people or more time. It is also a reference for every prayer leader so that he or she would know the different ways to lead a prayer group, prayer line or prayer chain and how to facilitate each prayer meeting effectively.

How To Start A Prayer Ministry also offers practical tips such as how to register your prayer ministry as an organization and what official documents to accomplish in order for your organization to exist legally. In addition, there are also helpful advice on how to promote your ministry through media, advertising, and marketing tools. You can also find tips on how to raise support from individuals and companies whether it be financial, in kind, or prayer support.

Finally, this ebook shows how leaders can evaluate the effectiveness of the ministry by checking its growth in all aspects and if every part and prayer group is contributing to the goals of the ministry.

How To Start A Prayer Ministry lays down in the simplest way possible what people can do to start an effective prayer ministry and how to keep it contributing to the Lord’s grand plan to reach the hearts of people and change their lives for the better.

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