Silk Screen Custom Lapel Pins

By | February 20, 2017
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There are many types of custom lapel pins that are suitable according to the design that you want it to have. The design is only limited by your imagination. In addition to selecting a specific style, it is important to decide on the best type of lapel pins. As for business, i think that silk screen custom lapel pins must be the right chooice.

Silkscreen lapel pins are typically reserved for designs that include a company logo that can’t be modified to receive trimming metal required by filled-colored pins. Silkscreen pins are still very nice, very high quality pins, but have limited usages in the scope of custom lapel pins.

Silk screen pins offer a great deal of detail produced in full color, and because this process allows colors to bleed all the way to the edges, it becomes a great option for a custom lapel pins. They are usually protected by a transparent epoxy to prevent fading or cracking. Silk Screen trading pins are a great choice for companies who must maintain their logo colors, without using trimming metal outlines to hold in filled enamel colors.It is an excellent choice for designs with clearly separated colors.

These trading pins are extremely strong and durable. As such, no epoxy or protective coating is needed for Silk Screen Lapel Pins. The process of silk screen printing can be done on materials such as brass, stainless steel and aluminium. Their standard thickness is 0.8mm and can include a plating such as gold, silver, nickel, black nickel or copper. The silkscreen lapel pin process for manufacture of trading pins is very popular when an exact replica of logo’s, corporate text, and drawings are required to be designed into the pin.

Silk screen is used when your artwork requires more detail than the other types of trading pins can achieve. These custom lapel pins can be made for any business, organization or school and are perfect for fundraisers, trade shows and promotions.

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