Should Bulk Crayons Be A Part Of Your Restaurant's Marketing Plan?

By | February 21, 2017
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Should bulk crayons be a part of your restaurant’s marketing plan? If those bulk crayons are part of an organized program to keep kids happy and help them want to come back again? You bet they should!

It has long been recognized that kids have substantial influence in the choice of restaurants a family chooses. In today’s economy, kids’ promotions, along with a family friendly staff, are a very effective marketing tool. Even with the economic slow-down, families are still going to restaurants, but they’re choosing the establishments while keeping an eye on value. Families with young children, in particular, still want to go out to eat, however they are looking for a little more bang for their buck.

Restaurants that offer a weekday special, a value meal plan, or a kids eat free night are using this opportunity for greater value to increase their appeal to parents. If adults know that your restaurant is a place that their kids will eat well and be entertained while they can still save money, then it makes the decision to visit regularly an easy one.

Restaurants who concentrate on catering to families are all too familiar with the family who is struggling with a child who is squirming around and/or throwing a full-on fit and the stressed out parents who gulp their meal down while they chase their child around the dining room. Of course, restaurants can’t control kids’ behavior, but they can take steps to make things a lot easier for parents… and trust me, those parents will remember the experience and look forward to coming back.  It can easily be worth the investment in a case of bulk crayons to keep everybody a little more relaxed and make your customer’s meal a little more enjoyable.

Whatever family discount you offer – special pricing, kids eat free nights or other kid-friendly attractions, keeping kids happy and engaged during their visit is key. Whether you choose bulk crayons or a pre-packed option, pairing the crayons with a fun and engaging kids’ placemat has become a standard expectation in successful family restaurants. Plastic cups with lids are also a necessity for any kid friendly restaurant… unless you are willing to clean up spills all day long. Putting together such a program does not have to cost thousands of dollars. Bulk crayons, colorful, interesting placemats and coordinating kids cups (with lids!) can cost as little as pennies per child.

By investing just a little more per child, you can use your kids program to strengthen your marketing and branding efforts.  Your logo can be printed on the bulk crayon wrappers, kids’ cups and balloons.  Your logo, along with your kids’ menu, can also be imprinted on the placemats of your choice.

ShopDirectSource offers a wide variety of crayon options (including cello pack and bulk crayons in standard, premium and washable qualities) along with place mats and activity books in 12 exciting themes. To complete your economical kids program, ShopDirectSource also offers balloons and plastic kids’ cups. Regardless of the way you are marketing to families to get them into your restaurant, keeping the kids happy while they are there is the way to get them back again and again. So, visit ShopDirectSource for those bulk crayons and everything else you need to build a smart, cost-effective kids program to keep those kids happy.

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