Seven Secrets to Yoga Teacher Marketing

By | February 24, 2017
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Here are the seven powerful steps you must follow in order to market yourself successfully.

Step #One – Find Your Niche and Passion

Even within yoga niche you need to figure out who will you be serving and who is going to be your primary target audience as it will determine everything you do in your marketing plan.

Step #Two – You don’t have to be webby all the time

And this is especially true if you are targeting local people in your community, or people over 60th for example who may not be webby. Use traditional phone directories to get contact details of the prospects, call them up and offer your service.

Step #Three – Have a website that gets a click

I encourage building a website, but know what to do and what not to do. DO NOT ask someone who is just a designer how to put up a nice logo. You will waste time and money. Find someone who knows how to market online and get advice.

Step #Four – Should you pay for advertising?

Be careful and know what you are doing if you use paid advertising such as pay per click for example. Get valuable advice from my free ebook

Step #Five – Use Social Media

Social Media is the easiest, most fun and fast way to market your upcoming classes, workshops, retreats etc. Get your head around Facebook groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Step #Six – YouTube

YouTube is one of the most powerful tools of massive distribution and is a must for your yoga marketing success. Reach anyone anywhere within a very short period of time. And you only need to take 1 to 3 minutes long video to make things work.

Step #Seven – Build Your List

Or shall I say build and look after your list. Communicate with client. Show consistency, dedication and that you care.

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