Redlaser Barcode Scanner for the iPhone

By | February 6, 2017
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The Redline Laser Application allows the user to survey various products, by utilizing a barcode feature. Earlier versions took photos and sent product information to servers, but the new version shows faster results, and allows the user to compare prices immediately. Perhaps the only drawback is that there are no available pictures for the product being bought, and so the user at the end of the day must read the text describing the product—and not view the product itself.

Currently, performance on the laser application continues to improve tremendously: the application gives quick, relevant information for comparing prices. As current analysis finds its way back to the software developers, changes are then integrated into the newer versions—so look for this product to continue to exceed the standards of shopping applications.

Current trends find the Redline Laser Application to be the best among competing applications. iTunes shows the redline as the number two paid application averaging 4.5 stars—nearly an impossible feat. People are finding this application not exactly equal to their standards, but instead far exceeding user expectations and standards. Redlaser scans UPC and EAN, simply by aligning the arrows and holding the device steadily; results are nearly instantaneous. Then, a list of prices surrounding the product in question will be placed on Google and Amazon: the prices avail themselves in no particular hierarchy. Some complain that the Redlaser should list prices from low to high, but that seems somewhat unimportant in the larger picture. General product reviews commonly agree that an email function is perhaps the best component: upon deciding on a particular item, the user can email, set the order, or allow others to know about the product—no other application has evolved this much, in this short of time.

SnapTell is almost up-to-speed, in terms of functioning, to that of the Redlaser, and it nearly creates the same shopper friendly perks, but not quite: it sends images to participating companies; and depending on whether or not the company has that product, the results will be sent back to the user in about ten minutes. The problem with SnapTell is that there are too few products contained in company databases to keep up with the influx of popular products—causing it not to perform as well as the Redlaser. In fact, the Redlaser not only collects barcodes, but it logs viable information for the user; this way he or she can share information, buy the product on the spot, or even comparison shop. Perhaps the only major complaint for the Redlaser is that the user must keep the phone perfectly steady to obtain the barcode correctly; yet when this minor problem occurs the user can manually arrange the numbers into the phone with ease; so this should not be an issue. Whether the application is used for personal shopping, or whether it’s used for scanning multiple items in a warehouse, this handy application proves another effective means by which products can be maintained, stored, tracked, bought, and compared—at the same time the user can request notification of a list of products and pricing via email.

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