Pyxism Warning – Must-Read Pyxism Business Review

By | March 20, 2017
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Pyxism is a network marketing company that is in the travel niche. They are generating controversy early on. Is it a bunch of hype? Is it a rip-off? Let’s take a closer look at this company.

Pyxism – First Glance

There are many network marketing companies that have tried their hand at travel – YTB, World Ventures, TVI Express, Travelencia, GRN, just to name a few. What would make this newcomer any different?

The first difference we see is in the product. It appears that Pyxism’s product are standard, over-the-counter travel certificates. Many times, these types of products require the vacationer to listen to a time-share pitch in order to get the vacation. They state on their website that “the end user does not have to listen to a pitch”.

The next step is the compensation plan. Pyxism uses a 2×3 matrix, with no force-fill component, which removes the splitting of teams. It appears to be a classic pyramid-style setup.

However, with the travel certificates aside, there is the issue of price-point – you pay $975 for three positions at the top. So it would appear that you pay much more for the opportunity than you do for the product itself. This is a dangerous position to defend if any alphabet agency decides to start poking its nose in a businesses operations.

Pyxism – A Closer Look

The company was founded by Lloyd Wilson, a California businessman that started his career in banking, and ended up in network marketing. He co-founded Platinum Travel Club in 2005, which morphed into Platinum One Destinations and NetTray.

Like many other travel companies, they choose to promote their business via “warm marketing”, or “belly to belly” marketing. While this can be effective for getting a few people involved, it typically comes to a stand-still once a marketer runs out of people to talk to. What then?

We highly recommend learning about effective direct-response marketing techniques in order to grow a sustainable business. Otherwise. Pyxism would just be a waste of time.

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