"Push To Talk" Shenzhen Market

By | March 19, 2017

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Nokia officially announced in China, launched the “PoC” business. Last month, the Guangdong Unicom had PTT (Push to Talk) tender, at present, the project has entered the final phase of the program selected. The relevant information, according to Ministry of Information Industry show that was considered to be “the next generation of mobile phones the two hot spots”, one of the “Push to talk” business, only end-demand is worth 10 billion of the big market, and because of China’s handset makers and mobile operators are throwing.

The most unusual is that China’s “Push to talk” business of basic with the world. Recently, Chinese Ministry of Information Industry have news, “a push to talk” will become a basic function of 3G network. Shenzhen Mobile, China Unicom, Shenzhen, yesterday, said almost simultaneously: the formal launch of the business should be in Shenzhen in May. This reporter learned that, as at present, “a push to talk” not only in China, there is no formal business, even in the world, only a few operators conducting commercial trials.

Walkie-talkies and mobile phones, the best combination of

“Push to talk” has many names. “PoC”, PTT, “Messenger”, “push to talk” and so on, generally approved of the usefulness of simple statement is the “cell phone walkie-talkie.” It is the best combination of walkie-talkie and mobile phone body, its use is mainly based on GPRS network and CD  MA network.

“Push to talk” The biggest feature is that users only need to press a key to achieve the “one to many” real-time conversation group. It can set the phone number group, group of people if there is a speech the other people are able to hear, but in 2 seconds, that is able to connect.

“Push to talk” beyond the local radio are: wireless mobile networks through dialogue, calling range can be spread to the mobile communication network covers all the places to be.

Because of these advantages, a PTT is widely used: such as large companies, hotels, airports, construction teams, field sales force, express delivery and logistics services, etc. can take this team to conduct real-time cluster communication; government agencies, fire , flood control, emergency departments, can also become its customers. In addition, frequent overseas adventure, tourism, the crowd, but also can form a group to use this service for conducting command and dispatch functions, one by one unnecessarily call notification.

Battle 10 billion market by mobile phone operators

Relevant information, according to Ministry of Information Industry show, “Push to talk” market prospects were encouraging. Expected that by 2005, “a push to talk” of potential users will reach four million, while the terminal demand of 800 million units. Can be seen, only the value of 10 billion end-demand is a big market.

Handset manufacturers have long taken a fancy “a push to talk” This piece of fresh fat. Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Qualcomm and other telecommunications giants are all aimed at the “Push to talk” Terminal.

Early February of this year, Ericsson began to end in the country launched its certification program. The same month, Qualcomm vice president of business relations and operations Bob Briggs rushed to China, and on the “Push to talk” business with China Unicom to launch negotiations. Since then, Nokia in March announced that it has entered into a cooperation and Samsung, the number of models, “a push to talk” mobile phone will be coming on stream this year and next, and from 2005 onwards, all Nokia GPRS / WCDMA handsets will be support “a push to talk” feature. Almost at the same time, Motorola has released three overseas, “a push to talk” mobile phone, one for GSM and CDMA networks. I understand that at present, in China to provide “one-button” solution, manufacturers have more than 10.

Shenzhen is likely to launch next month

For this “killer” product market development, China’s operators are also gearing up. From the second half of 2003, China Mobile and China Unicom has already begun on the “Push to talk” business test. Guangdong Unicom is the first “eat crab” in the local mobile operators, which since early last year with Motorola launched the “one-button” test network, in March of this year, Guangdong Unicom has conducted a “one-button” Tender is currently , the project has entered the final phase of the program selected.

Well, “a push to talk” to enter Shenzhen, what you really need to wait until when? “In fact, it is technically speaking, into the ‘Push to talk’ is not difficult, because it does not eliminate existing services, it is only a value-added services.” Relevant technical experts, told reporters. Were contacted reporters yesterday in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Mobile and China Unicom relevant responsible person of the same amazing results obtained: “A push to talk” should be launched in Shenzhen in May or June of this year.

Shenzhen mobile marketing official said, as long as enough people satisfied with the results of the test, move on the fight for Wu Liuyue launch this service. “At first launch, there may be a free trial period, should be in about three months, and then collect part of the costs, but not many. Charging method we have not identified, probably by the time charges or monthly subscription.” And Unicom the director also said that “It is estimated should be launched in May of this year it.”
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