Orkut – the Marketing Farmers Field

By | March 17, 2017
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From a marketing standpoint, what would be the ideal environment, the perfect web presence to work within to get the most from your valuable time? The marketers garden of Eden would likely have a traffic rate comparable to MySpace, be extremely search engine friendly, be subdivided into interest groups, reach an audience of global proportions, easily accessible and user friendly, and cater to an audience that makes it evident what there interests are. This would virtually take at least half the work out of the marketing and networking process. Isn’t it a complete shame that such a wonderful place does not exist?

Actually, it does exist, and it goes by the name of Orkut. Orkut is a diverse community of individuals from all over the planet, from every walk of life, all virtually begging for something, be it a product or a service. Let us take a look at some of Orkut’s premier aspects.

1) Groups: Every single individual on Orkut will join the group. Some will join dozens of groups. These “niches” are areas of interest for any particular individual with virtually every interest. For example, Orkut hosts a group called Offshore Industry. This group has over 1500 subscribers. On average, every message posted is seen by at least 500 individuals. If you had a product that Offshore fans would be attracted to, Orkut would be the ultimate place to push it.

2) Orkut is extremely search engine friendly. Go ahead. Give it a try. Go to Yahoo or Google and search the word, Orkut. You will end up with hundreds of listings! The interesting aspect of this discovery is that each listing will be for a different and unique group.

3) Page Ranking: Orkut ranks an amazing level 8 with over 7500 back links. Alexa rates it an equally astounding 7! That is some serious PR potential. Google has Orkut indexed 15,600 times!

4) Global: Of course, all Internet sites are potentially global. Orkut, however, seems to attract a worldwide following. Every country imaginable has thousands of citizens that subscribe to and list on Orkut.

5) Traffic: Tens of thousands of people per day flock to Orkut.

The Orkut concept is on the rise and it appears that MySpace may very soon have a competitor on a larger scale. The ironic aspect is that this market is largely untapped. There are truly a whole lot of marketers that have tapped into this venue, but not nearly the number that keep banging away at MySpace on a daily basis. Perhaps it is time to consider the shortcut to successful marketing that goes by the title of Orkut.

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