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By | February 11, 2017
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Online marketing vs Offline marketing

We can simple know about the difference between online and offline marketing by their word meaning. Everyone can easily know about them. By the definition point of view we can say: marketing through online or internet by various ads/links called online marketing and marketing through offline called as offline marketing. Marketing means sell of products to the customers by someone which one very important for the business. There are various steps or processes or tricks to sell the products to customers by their own mind.

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Now-a-days many more persons use the internet 3-4 hours daily (averagely). So that must people prefer the online than offline. Whatever question arise regarding any product, service, work place, price etc on any person’s mind then can easily find details about the product on internet.


  • Physically someone required for offline marketing, but not in online marketing.
  • In offline marketing, either customer comes to the retailer or retailer (for marketing) to customers to know details about the products. In online customers can know the details about product without using of anyone with help of internet.
  • In offline marketing, the marketing person travel door to door but in online, no need of travelling.


Online marketing:

  • Reduce cost expense
  • 24 hours guidelines help
  • Service at anytime from anywhere when you are online
  • Unlimited range (no geographical limitations)
  • Consume less time
  • Not require of physical store, cost of rent
  • Flexibility: online catalogs are change daily within some hour

Offline marketing:

  • Proven history
  • Tangible
  • Trust factor

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