New Cost effective modes of Advertising and Promotions

By | March 6, 2017
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“Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, services, organizations, and events to create and maintain relationships that will satisfy individual and organizational objectives.”

For meeting the objective different modes and methods/ strategy of marketing in coordinated are deployed to achieve the result.

With time and means of communication and delivering business promotion/ product messages or updates have underwent changes.

To incorporate and stay competitive the organization chooses a mix of Promotion methods to enhance marketing capabilities. Apportioning of budgets into various modes depends on the factors:

  • Type of Target Audience
  • Allocation of Budget.
  • Type of Product & Services for Promotion.
  • Reason for communication – Long term brand Building or short term incentive program- Sales Promotion to en-cash its impact within short time.
  • Vehicles use and allocation of total budget of advertising to different medium, calculation pros and cons.

The varieties of vehicles are used to set the clear defined message to all the Target Audience to get share of business and create brand awareness into the mind of consumer.

Still every business strive to develop and market products/ services effectively within the chosen segment and also slowly widen the segment  of customer to keep the momentum of growth of business.

Definitely advertising and promotion spent are increasing and cost effectiveness of all the medium is reducing with time as number of medium are increasing with time, and mediums are having fragmented customer. Promotion to target audience by use of single choose mode effectiveness have reduced as customer base is more fragmented this have occurred due to explosion of alternatives of channels in electronic medium, in print medium too same thing persist as print magazines, fragmented magazines and newsprints are available in the market space.

The right mix choice based on the study and customer availability with lead to success of advertising, this scenario is for the bigger companies with ability to use a greater mix of vehicles for promotion as they have capacity for spending hefty on this aspects. For the bigger chunks of starts up, SME’s and struggling companies and organizations the situation is rather more complicated. They are in the struggling phase of business and sustaining the current stream is the major concern. They have to create their worth in spite of all downs in the market faced by them and stay competitive with the experienced established lot having greater market share and awareness in the market due to their past presence, successful implementation till date, and say in the market.

Credit crunch impact these start ups most and for creating awareness and brand they do not have hefty budgets. For them the situation is more gloomy and struggling.

Now the time have changed without awareness in the target market, the ability to sell reduce to enhance the potential they have a very few options the effectiveness is not very high but they meet the purpose of creating short term awareness, by sending pamphlets within a small geographical location, Word of Mouth, Use of Association for Promotion. In addition to this the world of technology now has gifted this segment by a affordable communication method, but the disadvantage is only the clear message size is very small. Say few impressive words and create awareness as its have a very important place in the world of everyone now a days, mobile always in hands /pockets everywhere with the target audience. The mode is popular due to few of its advantages and used by even big corporate and companies.

The affordability factor creates great acceptance of SMS marketing for creating awareness and sending forth the business communication within the target segment at cheaper rates in comparison of any mode of advertising and promotion existing.

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

  • Cheapest – Reach your customers with low advertising budgets and effectively.
  • Fastest – Reach 100,000 target customers in hours.
  • Sent message will display Company Name/ Brand, with maximum character display ability upto 6
  • Most Targeted – Most people will read your text message and know what you are offering

With time the reach and acceptance of Mobile have grown following the trends of growth in number and reach of mobile, SMS Promotion and advertising have also grown at an exponential phase.

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