Network Marketing – How To Do Your Own Presentation Call

By | March 19, 2017
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There are 3 different techniques for a presentation call that you can use: 

1.  Content Presentation Call

On this presentation call you are going to educate your prospects and give them a whole lot of value and also show them the benefits of the products or services of your network marketing business. Make sure you leave out all the hype about the networking business opportunity and give them the facts about how you can help solve their problems, pain, time or whatever your network marketing company can provide them. This call may end up being about 30 minutes long and only speaks about how your prospects can purchase the products, services or join the network marketing business opportunity itself at the very end of the presentation call. Up until this point you are going to just be giving as much value, benefits and information to your prospects as you can. 

 2.   Sales Presentation Call

Using this technique for your presentation call you focus on selling your product and are not really concerned about educating your prospects. Tell your prospects right out front about your products, services and what your network marketing business is all about. Be up front with them how you can save them money, solve their pain, save them time or whatever your network marketing product or service can do for them. Since you are not taking the time at the first part of the presentation call to really educate them this call is normally shorter than a content call. 

3.  Blueprint Presentation Call

This type of call is the most comprehensive of the three presentation calls and you will be giving your prospects a lot of detail about your products, services or network marketing business opportunity. This call is going to take them step by step right from where they are right now to going through the process of using the product or service,  to actually seeing success when joining your network marketing business.   The prospect should walk away knowing that they have received a lot of value and benefit and know that they do not have to go anywhere else to solve their problem, pain, save themselves money, make money or whatever benefits your networking business offers them. Your prospects will be impressed that you have given them such valuable information and they will know that you are an expert in your field.  Chances are because people follow leaders and experts you will have increased the chances that they will also join you in your networking business. Since you are trying to give your prospect a huge amount of value this presentation call may be up to 1 hour long.   

In conclusion you will find any one of the three presentation calls effective for your network marketing business. Your prospecting script should lead them into the presentation call. Once they have heard the call get back to them and finish up with your closing script. Realize that you will probably have better success with either the content presentation call or the blueprint presentation call. People hear direct sales pitches all the time from the radio, T.V., Internet and newspapers etc. Your prospects will appreciate if you can educate them, give them value so that they can walk away with and knowledge of how your products, services or network marketing company can actually help them.

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