Mobile Tip: Access Yellow Pages Egypt on Mobile

By | February 27, 2017
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Mobile Yellow Pages presents structured information in a structured way. All results are actual business listings. Easy to search, easy to find, easy to read and easy to dial.

Mobile Yellow Pages is in essence a website developed exclusively for mobile phones and similar handheld devices like PDA’ and Blackberry’s etc. It is specially designed to deliver business listings and mobile advertising in a very efficient manner. Efficient meaning – using as little amount of bandwidth or data transfer as possible. With a normal website there are many graphical images and text that should not be delivered to a mobile website. The mobile website or Mobile Yellow Pages as we refer to it in this document is designed to use as little an amount of bandwidth and data transfer as possible.

The biggest and most obvious difference is that Mobile Yellow Pages is exclusively a Local Search engine. Due to the limited screen sizes of mobile devices and slower Internet connectivity speeds (GPRS/3G) in the mobile telecom sector Mobile Yellow Pages must be very efficient in its use of graphics, content and data. The website is a very rich content site and thus works best when connected to high speed Internet connections. The goal of Mobile Yellow Pages is to quickly deliver the correct business listing information to the Mobile Yellow Pages user. In most cases they will be out and about in the city and trying to find the contact details as quickly as possible. Mobile Yellow Pages is designed to do that.

The banners are delivered on Mobile Yellow Pages sequentially. This means that we will create a list of all banners in the rotation and ensure each one gets served equally to mobile devices. Meaning that a new mobile banner is served (delivered to a mobile device) with every mobile user session. Take for example the home page of Mobile Yellow Pages. There is a total of 20 Home Page Banners available. We will create a list of all banners to be delivered – from first sold to the last one sold. From this list of 20 the mobile banner ad server will deliver the banner that is at the top of the list of 20 banners. Once the system serves that banner it goes to the bottom of the list to work its way sequentially back to the top of the list to be served again. It is very important to remember that the delivery of banners may not appear to be sequential if you are refreshing or navigating the home page. The reason being is that simultaneously in another part of Cairo or Egypt or the world….another mobile device may have just been served the next in line mobile banner. Clearly the greatest opportunity to see sequential delivery is when doing a category search on Mobile Yellow Pages.

At the time being it has been decided to direct all mobile traffic to the mobile portal. The net result will be a better user experience and easier access to business listing information. Many of today’s mobile device browsers do not support applications that browsers on PC do. It is preferred that the user have a more successful experience on an EYP online property than a frustration one trying to view large images and navigate around a window far too big for most mobile browsers.

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