Mobile Billboard Advertising Grows In Popularity

By | March 9, 2017
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Mobile billboards are an advertising media which have been around for some time now – but vehicle advertising of all kinds have become far more sophisticated in the last few years. Truck advertising and other mobile billboards now provide advertisers entirely new ways to make an impression on consumers. Your customers don’t sit in one place; they’re mobile and with vehicle advertising, so is your message.

Just think about how many taxis or trucks you see pass by on any given day; chances are that many of these vehicles bear advertising. What if even 10% of these taxis or trucks displayed your advertising? Even though not everyone they pass will give their undivided attention to your mobile billboards, these advertisements make an enormous number of consumer impressions in a single day. When your advertisements use a media which is going places literally and figuratively, your brand image and sales will as well.

While B2B campaigns are by no means foreign to the media of outdoor advertising (American readers may be reminded of Detroit where many billboards target auto industry decision makers, for instance). However, mobile billboards are like all other outdoor advertising media – they are naturally better suited to consumer focused advertising.

Vehicle advertising has gotten great results for some of the biggest brands in the consumer market; and advertising agencies are eager to show businesses of all sizes just how effective this media can be.

With taxi advertising, truck advertising and other types of vehicle advertising, there are a lot of ways that mobile billboards can reach consumers. Advertising is even starting to show up on scooters! Businesses prefer working with expert outdoor advertising companies; these firms can create and deploy a vehicle advertising campaign in a very short time compares to other types of advertising.

Mobile advertising is a medium with a very wide reach; and thanks to GPS systems, these campaigns can even be carefully tracked and monitored; making it possible to use target marketing in this media. GPS technology has generated a renewed interest in vehicle advertising. Truck advertising and taxi advertising have been used by some companies for a while now, but having the ability to actually track and narrowly target mobile billboards has made a lot of businesses start examining their use who would have shied away from them before this was possible.

Advertising costs for mobile billboards vary widely depending on the size of your adverts and your campaigns scope. A two week vehicle advertising campaign generally starts around the low thousands in terms of pounds ($3,700-$4,000), sometimes including design work. Like other types of advertising, mobile billboards will be a better deal depending on the length of your campaign; the longer you want your ads to run, the lower the cost per week will be.

There are many different media companies who can sell you taxi advertising space, truck advertising and other types of mobile billboards. There are also some very good websites which act as middle men for many different
outdoor advertising companies and are well worth taking a look at.

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