MLM Online Article Marketing Strategies to Reach the First Page of Google Overnight

By | March 15, 2017
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Online MLM Stragies Using Article Marketing That Blasted the Front Page of Google With Our Content

The two of us sat and watched our weekly MLM online strategies webinar just last week where we learned an amazing online strategy that has produced phenomenal results in less than 48 hours. The expert hosting the Webinar, David Wood, he displayed his numbers. 33,000 targeted leads in only three months. No matter who you are, numbers like that are amazing especially since David’s been implementing this online strategy in combination with our system for just 6 months.

The Online MLM Strategy of Article Marketing has been done for years, but these results have taken David to a new playing ground. There are many MLM Marketers that time and energy into their work, examine a popular subject and study up online, they then compose their work, and cast it out into the ocean known as the World Wide Web. On the far off MLM island, your work waits, with no bridges to it and no visitors coming.

Article Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to Market your MLM Business online if done properly because of the search engine aspect. If your articles are structurally right and you properly promote your articles you can reach the top any search engine you like for the MLM keywords that you decide on.


Google loves original work and relevent issues.

If you can write a compelling article with good keyword saturation and you’ve promoted it so that there are lots of links back to your content your articles can be at the top of any keyword search that you want.

This is where this amazing online strategy comes into play.

Ok so picture being able to write ONE article on any MLM subject and with a few simple steps that article is up for the Internet to read on over 300 sites, creating over 300 link backs to where your content is located. Remember that Google loves original articles? So what if you could change the article unlimited amounts of times? So every time it is posted it will be a completely
different version of the post that came before and the one coming up next.

Here are the Five Steps we do each day to dominate the search engines within 48 hours

1.Write a piece of original content. You can write about so many things, new start ups, new training, top earners. You understand what we’re saying.

2.Get that content on the Blog and then we bookmark our piece on the leading social bookmarking websites through a program called OnlyWire with one simple press of the mouse

3.Go to traffic geyser and shoot a 40 second video promoting the article we have just written. We direct all the traffic back to the article postes on our Blog.

4.Respin each sentence in the Article with Automatic Article two or three times.

5.Click OK Submit and you are good to go.

That is it.

The advanced MLM marketers have been using the Automatic Article Submitter for a while now.

We have now made our article marketing more efficient and effective.

Using these online strategies over the last little while our lead numbers have skyrocketed and launched our online MLM business straight to profits..

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