Mass Email Marketing: When Should You Send Your Mail?

By | March 13, 2017
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The response you get from your mass email campaign will vary greatly depending on what time you send out your message.  For this reason, knowing when to send mail is critically important to its success.  So just how do you figure out the right time?  When factoring in the extended weekend and the hangover that typically accompanies it, you may determine that your open rates should be considerably higher from Tuesday to Thursday.  However, there is no one right time as every mass email campaign is different and every subscriber has different preferences.  

Give Your Campaign Special Attention

Before launching your mass email campaign, you should sit back and think about what would be the best time for your subscribers to receive your message.  While statistics and experts can give you an ideal, this time all depends on your audience.  The right time for one marketer may not be suitable for the next, and the same especially holds true when it comes to recipients.  The nature of your business should also play a role in coming up with an optimal time.  Remember, you are trying to maximize open rates and conversions for your marketing initiatives, not someone else’s.  

Business to Business Marketing

If you are using mass email to market to other businesses, you may decide that it is best to implement a different schedule for mailing these contacts. You can definitely rule out Saturdays and Sundays because most professionals work so hard during the week, that they do not even want to see an inbox over the weekend.  As far as time goes, you should be able to catch most of these contacts during normal business hours.  Think right after lunch and an hour or two before the end of the day.  If you are targeting business professionals in the U.S., 12:00 to 4:00 PM EST is probably the best time to send email, and actually get them to read your message.  

Consider Your Content and Marketing Message

You can also determine the right time to send out your mass email campaign based on the content.  For example, if you are marketing a newsletter or regular news updates, you definitely want to make sure your mail is delivered promptly on a set schedule whether it’s nine in the morning, or eight in the evening.  You tend to have a little more flexibility with sales and promotional emails as they will maintain their relevance considerably longer than news content.  In this instance, determining a good frequency is just as important as figuring out the right time to send.  

Get a Good Start

We have already established the fact that every mass email campaign is different.  However, all marketers can better determine when to send by examining the demographics information obtained at sign up.  Take note of what day, and what time of day subscribers signed up as this could give you some valuable insight.  Other than that, a lot of coming up with the best time is a process of trial and error.  Just keep studying your market and you will eventually put it all together.

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