Managing the Creative Process in Business: The Creative Personality

By | June 25, 2017
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Half 1 of this sequence examined Company Killers of Creativity. The “killers” are managers who impede or destroy creativity and innovation all through a corporation, however most particularly in artistic capabilities comparable to advertising, promoting, public relations and product design.

Assailants of creativity fail to grasp the revolutionary and inventive persona. To get the perfect from artistic folks, you will need to know the “scorching buttons” that stimulate and distinguish creativity.

#1. Independence

The primary distinguishing attribute is independence. Artistic folks — product designers, writers, artwork administrators, illustrators, composers — extremely worth independence. They resist self-discipline. They bridle at conventional constraints. For the boss or consumer attempting to acquire superior creativity, it is vital to acknowledge and settle for the depth of this want for independence.

#2. Curiosity

A powerful sense of curiosity is one other artistic attribute. Many artistic folks by no means cease the childlike exploring that most individuals hand over of their teenagers. They should problem their intelligence. They should seek for explanations. They should uncover for themselves.

#three. Openness

Curiosity is coupled with openness to new concepts. Artistic folks nurture new concepts. They do not rush to guage that an unsightly factor simply poking out of the bottom is a weed. They’re keen to present it time to blossom.

#four. Tolerate Ambiguity

Essentially the most artistic folks tolerate ambiguity. They like to take care of unstructured issues, issues that don’t essentially have one proper reply. They hardly ever are dogmatic and narrow-minded. They consciously study completely different views on each drawback. Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi as soon as mentioned: “Discovery consists of wanting on the similar factor as everybody else-and considering one thing completely different.” That is a reasonably good definition of creativity.

#5. Willingness to Take Dangers

Pondering one thing completely different implies a willingness to take dangers. Artistic folks often wish to do issues in another way. They take a look at the bounds. They treasure innovation, originality, and novelty.

#6. Heightened Aesthetic Judgment

Artistic folks have a heightened aesthetic judgment. They appear to have an distinctive sense of kind and sweetness. Usually, profitable artistic persons are additionally self-motivated. An inner engine propels them to do extraordinary work.

#7. Suppose Visually

Artistic folks suppose visually; they use imagery.

#eight. Persistent

As a result of creativity is not simple, additionally they are persistent. They often have excessive vanity – a high quality many bosses have problem coping with. That is usually true even when they aren’t profitable.

#9. Fragile Ego

On the similar time, the artistic particular person is prone to have a fragile ego. As a result of they see their work as an extension of themselves, they’re fairly delicate about their artistic efforts. If you assault their work, you assault them.

If you consider the really artistic folks you recognize – or artistic geniuses comparable to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney or David Ogilvy — you will discover that they exhibit most all of those traits.

Smart managers embrace and nurture these attributes.

Approaches to administration of artistic people, groups and distributors is the topic of Half III on this sequence.

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