Lightyear Alliance Business Review – Full Overview of Lightyear Alliance

By | February 19, 2017
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Lightyear Alliance is a network marketing company that specializes in technology and telecommunication services.  Being a networking company, they also offer a business opportunity for people to become a reseller of their services (a distributor) and create a sales channel and business for themselves distributing the Lightyear Alliance products and services.

There are some great things going for Lightyear Alliance – but it’s not all good news for this up-and-coming company.  In this articles, we will review both the pro’s and con’s of becoming a representative and seeing whether this is a great opportunity…or a pass.

Lightyear Alliance – The Good

There is a lot of positives to be said for Lightyear Alliance.  Their product line specializes in technology and telecommunication services, primarily VOIP solutions.  They also offer home-security and broadband services, but they primarily focus on telecommunication services.

Lightyear Alliance is actually a division of Ligtyear Network Solutions, which was founded October 2003.  They are based out of Louisville, Kentucky.  They have a strong executive team in place, and good leadership in place.

They have a decent compensation plan, which pays out a combination of bonuses and residual income based on performance.  The commissions are also dependent on your level of accomplishment within the organization, from manager to presidential director.

Lightyear Alliance – The Not-So-Good

Lightyear also recommends (like many other network marketing programs) that their distributors use their friends and family members to grow their businesses.  This is commonly referred to as “warm-market marketing”, and was taught way back in the 1950’s when network marketing first got started.

This strategy is the fastest way to get a few customers or business builders, but for long term success a Lightyear Alliance rep would need to expand beyond their warm market into their target market.  Good marketing is all about finding people who need what you want, and build systems that bring those people to you.  It works much more effectively than attempting to leverage personal relationships for financial gain.

One simple way to do this would be to find a group of people that had already expressed an interest in a telecommunication home-based businesses, and then build a marketing campaign that centers around the message “if we could show you how to get paid by your phone company, would that be worth about 30 minutes of your time to find out how to do that?”

That could be accomplished with limited time and effort, and one the original outlay of effort is done, the representative would then have an effective system that qualifies and targets people looking to get paid by their phone company, which is a much more responsive market than people who don’t care about a business opportunity.

To sum up, Lightyear Alliance can be a great business opportunity if you know how to effectively market and build teams of people who want to grow a business along with you.  If you don’t know how to do this, I’d recommend you either NOT start a business, or you spend the time to learn how to get this all-important skillset.

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