Lawn Care Marketing Made Simple

By | February 26, 2017
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In the economic downturn that we are experiencing these days, there are several people that have found themselves laid off or down sized without any hope to financially support themselves and their families.  Now, is the time for such people to take it back to the very basics to ensure that they do not find themselves in a situation in which they may not readily recover.

When many of us were young growing up here in America and we faced the prospect of not having enough allowance to adequately satisfy our cravings when the ice cream truck came around each and every day, we turned to cutting grass as a viable and rather easy alternative to our own generate income.  Well, this time-honored principle works just as well today as it did back then.

Starting a lawn care business is easy and doing your own lawn care marketing

In order to develop a customer base, it is important that we take our lawn care business marketing seriously.  It is not enough to just type out “HAVE MOWER, WILL CUT YOUR GRASS” on a piece of paper and then make a hundred copies and place them on the counter at the local drugstore.  We need to, instead, take time to create an image by coming up with a unique name and slogan and then designing a flyer and postcards that stand out and have a sense or urgency with words like “FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.”

After these, it is important that we get out and do the leg work that is required for our lawn care business marketing plan.  We should canvass the entire neighborhood that we choose as our target area by placing flyers on every parked car windshield, in every neighborhood business the will allow us, and on every available community bulletin board.  We also slide our postcards under every single door in the neighborhood, as well as under the doors in adjacent neighborhoods as well.

Once we accomplish these simple tasks, our lawn care business marketing plan will soon begin to reap benefits and we will need to next work on keeping customers once we get them.

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