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By | March 7, 2017
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iPhone has been transformed into many versions and has now reached iPhone 4G, the latest version from the creative technologist Steve Jobs from Apple. iPhone applications are been used for the promotion of brand and boost up of brand’s image. It’s a great way to be cost-effective yet influential, both at a time. Games apps, puzzling apps, informative apps, medical apps, travel apps, summer apps, real estate apps and what’s not? Small business owners are having these iPhone apps and getting most out of it. Through iPhone you can minimize the hardships and time-taking steps and can make the life easy and user-friendly. Yes. Life can be friendly with iPhone apps, trust me.

Marketing and sales personals are using marketing iPhone apps. These marketing iPhone marketing apps are best for marketing and sales professionals. They can do market research, keep an eye on website stat, maintain relationships with clients, process credit cards and much more you can’t even think of.

Some of the best marketing iPhone apps are below, have a look.

Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce mobile is a free marketing iPhone app but requires Salesforce mobile license as in pre-requisite. It comes in the CRM category and known as best for CRM. You can respond to leads and customers queries. It allows you to log sales activities, make calls and set meeting while you are out of the business world. Salesforce will help you accessing updated account records of your subject before you step into any meeting. So it’s there to make a deal on win-win situation.  You would be able to create, edit and delete things out there.

Stay in Touch

The name of this very marketing iPhone app says it all. It connects you with your folks, business partners, employees and with people you want to be in touch. It will help users to maintain clientele management and prosper the business of small nature and make it bigger by strengthening it. It will help you in follow ups, reminders, and contact details with brief introduction etc. It has variety of reminders i.e. weekly, biweekly, monthly etc. you won’t need any setup and simply import your contact list for your ease. It also comes in the category of HRM. But in short, it is there to remind you when you totally forgot you need to call someone.

Analytics Pro

This iPhone app is connected with your Google Analytics account that gives you an easy access to search accounts, make reports analytically and statistics which is crucial for decisions making. Its truly an awesome app for marketers, SEO professionals, social media strategist or anyone who needs analytics. It allows you to view analytics dashboard, visitors over view, content overview, goals conversions, traffic sources, map overlay, site usage, visits, previews etc.

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buy app reviews

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