Internet Marketing: Marketing Single Product or Multiple Products, Which One Will Yield Results?

By | March 12, 2017
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I have been an internet marketer for about two years now. I started as a complete amateur and am still learning. However, my earlier strategy was to advertise on the Google Adwords, a strategy which ate through my money because I was not just aware of the keywords and the strike rate phenomenon.

As I spent more and more time on the internet, newer methods of marketing started coming to my notice, some of which I am using till date and other I have been adding to my list of ‘To Do’ consistently. However, my website advertises many products, some of the deals being quite good.

However, it has been ages since I have waited for the right type of product to market and advertise. Till date I have written and submitted about 100+ articles to several article directories, these have surely yielded good results, but I have not been quite consistent with the products I write about.

Sometimes, I definitely wonder whether or not I am doing the right thing. I drift from product to product writing about the one I am in mood about. Internet marketing today, I felt was about having the cake and eating it too. However, I am left wondering whether my writing about one subject would have made more difference, or else it would have made my articles and obviously the writing boring, because a single subject does not give much scope for detailed articles.

However, the question still remains intact whether I should get after a single product to market of several products, where I find a range of subjects to write. Scanning keywords for several products and subjects too gives insight about the products and the marketing. In fact several times it is the keywords that have been giving me a direction and a reason to write rather than the products.

At times, I feel the type of article marketing I do is correct, though it does not stick to a single subject; I have writing about varied subjects. Keywords often end up giving me ideas therefore, I hardly require to copy or to look into what someone else wrote about the same subjects. What is not copied from any of the material online surely has to be good simply because I came from my original ideas and general information about the subject.

Keywords are not machine made, rather these are created by us humans, every geographical area could have its own keyword for the same object, this is why while writing it becomes necessary to incorporate at least 2-3 of them to make your content reach maximum number of people. No wonder people are so meticulously trying to extract the right method to make search engines find them better and faster.

When internet marketing, it is not important whether you market a single product or multiple products, make sure you use your own ideas and keywords brilliantly, surely the results would be for all to see.

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