Inexpensive branding tips to help grow our daycare business

By | March 20, 2017
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All products and services, big or small, require a brand. Branding is not an expensive exercise and limited to only multinational companies. Branding is simply about communicating the positive attributes of your daycare to your daycare customers and prospects.

Branding for daycare is made by the impressions made by encounters with your daycare as well as from the various communications that you have with your daycare customers and prospects on a regular basis. Building a successful brand for your daycare need not burn a hole in your already fragile pocket. These are 4 key things that you need to remember when developing a branding strategy for your daycare business:

Know the brand image you want
First, decide on the brand image that you wish to portray to your daycare customers and prospects. Remember that the first point of contact that your potential customers will have is your employee so you have to ensure that all employees are aware of your branding as well.

Be committed
Branding requires commitment and disciple. You must ensure that every effort is made to project your image well and consistently. There should be no “the colour looks the same”. It has to be “the colour IS the same”. There is simply no room for negotiation when it comes to branding.

Allocate for it
Nothing comes for free. If you want to build a successful brand, you will need to commit to spending what is necessary to convey the necessary message to the customers – time, effort and of course money.

Keep it consistent
You need to manage your marketing such that the impression it leaves on your customer is always consistent. Don’t keep changing brand image unless it is no longer appropriate.

Remember that consistency builds brands and brands build business as it makes selling easier.

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