iMMACC Scam Review: The Official iMMACC Review-Is the iMMACC Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center a Scam?

By | February 25, 2017
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Recently a well-known online mentoring program now known as iMMACC went through a significant transition of rebranding and restructuring.  The online training school, initially launched in January 2008 and formerly known as Big Ticket to Wealth, has rededicated its focus to train and educate business owners with their online marketing education program.  But you may still be wondering, is iMMACC a scam?  Well here is the official iMMACC scam review as well as the truth and facts about their program so that you can make an informed decision about pursuing their coaching and training center.

The iMMACC Scam Review:

So, first of all, is iMMACC a scam?  No, the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center, is an educational resource center and online compilation of all the latest and most current methods of marketing a business effectively online.  The creator of iMMACC, CEO Gerald Van Yerxa, has utilized his years of experience in the marketing industry to provide over 700 hours worth of video tutorials as well as on-going live webinar training for their members so they can remain competitive and at the top of their given business industry, while learning to catapult their individual marketing campaigns to the front and top of their search engines and dominate in their chosen business categories.  Anyone who understands marketing will recognize that the advantage this provides to any business owner is enormous since the whole point of marketing is to promote your business.

What does iMMACC Teach?

The Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Centers, in addition to the archived video tutorials and live webinar training sessions also teaches a total over 51 different marketing techniques and advertising methods that a business owner can choose to incorporate into their online and offline marketing campaigns and more effectively market their business, to increase sales and brand awareness.  There is not likely to be any other company with the resources and ability to even come close to this sheer amount of education and mentoring and training ability.

iMMACC Online Marketing Subjects:

The iMMACC instructs each student in both free and paid methods of marketing including top online marketing strategies such as:Keyword Research
Web 2.0 and SEO
Article Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing

Stand Apart iMMACC Features:

1- Instruction in the “How” and not just the “What” of online marketing-  one common complaint of many other online marketing companies, is that members are often not instructed in the nitty-gritty details of exactly how to implement and create a certain type of online marketing campaign.  For example, with article marketing, they are just told to write an article and that it will somehow drive traffic to their website, but they are not shown how to pick out the best keyword phrase to use that will target their desired audience and put them at the top of google, or how to use it strategically throughout the body of their article or blog post to ensure that their content will be found and be effective in educating their audience, building a brand and establishing better awareness for their business.  The Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center has made it a priority to instruct iMMACC members with not only the “what” and “why” but also the “how” through detailed training and one-on-one mentoring and coaching to ensure each member can feel confident in their ability to excel in their chosen method of online marketing.

2- Creation of Multiple Income Streams:  Another interesting aspect of the iMMACC, is that the students and members of the program are actually encouraged to establish and create more than one stream of income.  The Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center was created with a purpose of instructing business owners with the most effective and current methods of marketing their business.  So members are not in any way obligate to promote the iMMACC affiliate program in order to obtain the education and benefits of the program.  So many iMMACC members join solely for the education and use what they learn to market their business, whether that be a traditional brick and mortar, home business, or an MLM or Network Marketing company.

iMMACC Compensation Plan:

The Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center does have many members which do recognize how lucrative the iMMACC compensation program is and choose to promote the affiliate program to other members of their existing business, to encourage them to also take advantage of the training and educational resources, and when they do so receive a $1000 US bonus for their referral.  Additionally, when that new student refers another new student to enroll in the iMMACC program, that first sponsor receives what is called a “matching override”, which is a matching $1000 bonus!  The introduction of this large and very lucrative bonus and compensation has been a huge factor in the massive growth of this online marketing school since its original launch in 2008.

So if you are looking for a reputable online training center for coaching and mentoring to improve your online marketing campaigns but aren’t sure, yet, if iMMACC is the way to go, you may really want to explore further and be sure to team up with an experienced mentor to enhance even further your online presence and online success of your business.  Everyone who chooses to implement the strategies taught at iMMACC will be very excited at the growth and success that their business will see when they are able to improve and propel their online marketing!

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