How to stop unwanted marketing calls!

By | February 22, 2017
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You’re busy making your dinner, and the phone rings:man shouting

“Hi there, can I please speak to John Bloggington?”
“Hello Mr Bloggington, I am calling from the Unwanted Life Insurance, Gas, Electricity and Credit Card Co. Can I ask you if you currently have life insurance, gas, electricity or credit cards at the moment?”

We all know the situation well!

Unfortunately, it is pretty much impossible to stop your telephone number making it onto data marketers’ mailing lists.

Every time you deal with a company, any company, there is a good chance your details will be captured and sold to a third party. Mobile numbers, landline numbers, names and addresses are basically out there for anyone willing to buy a data list to contact. There isn’t anything really anyone can do about that, as there is no law against cold-calling.

However, it is against the law to make a cold call to someone who is signed up to Telephone Preference Service.

If you don’t want to receive any sales calls, you can sign up for this. Companies have a responsibility to check whether the people on their call lists are signed up to TPS, and if they choose to go ahead and make a sales call to someone who is signed up, they can be reported by the person they called and they will be dealt with by the Information Commissioner’s Office, who enforces these regulations.

Click here to sign up to the Telephone Preference Service

While it might not stop companies calling you for marketing purposes, you can rest assured that you can report anyone who does!

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