How to Increase your ERP Prospect Connection Ratio through Good ERP Marketing Database?

By | March 12, 2017
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“My ERP prospect connection ratio is really good! I am able to reach someone more than 90% of the time I try calling the numbers in my ERP Database”

Wait chap, aren’t we missing some key point here? On how many calls are you reaching a top official or a decision maker or a sales influencer? Many a times, calls end after coming to know that the person you reached is not the right to one to speak with.

A report from a well-known research center says that more than 30% of the sales persons’ time might be spent only on searching for the right ERP sales influencer or an ERP decision maker!

What are you doing to help your sales guy meet the right person on his sales calls? Whats your role in reducing the sales cycle time? How soon are you able to close your deals?

Its high time one learns that, simply reaching a person on a list isn’t actual prospect connection if he is not the right one to pitch your message. This just wastes valuable time, energy and resources, in other words kills turnaround or productivity of the sales team.

The lesson learned is to NEVER COMPROMISE with your data quality.

Do all that is possible to ensure you have the best quality data in hand before you start calling or sending targeted email campaigns. Know all that you MUST know about the person you are going to approach. Believe me, having the basic groundwork done speeds up the sales process by at least 65%. A sales person armed with accurate ERP job descriptions and responsibilities can make wonders. Quality data results in easy conversions, faster deals and high turnaround.

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