How to Capture a Cold Call's Attention in Under 8 Seconds

By | February 20, 2017
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When dealing with a poor economy and probably a thousand other businesses vying for your customers, the astute cold caller has to know exactly how to grab the attention of their intended audience. In many circles, even the idea of cold calling is just too difficult to think of. When you learn how to telemarket you have to prepare yourself for failure because you will no doubt fail at cold calling. There is no shame in this. Nor is there shame in not being able to handle the rejection, but cold calling can be done as long as you can catch the attention of your calls in the first eight seconds of the call. When your call knows you are trying to sell, chances are they are going to hang up right away. To truly be a master of cold calling you have to be able to steer them away from wanting to hang up.

When dealing in business to business telemarketing you have an advantage over dealing strictly with civilians. The businesses you call will be more inclined to hear your sales pitch if they are in the market for what you are selling. When you are setting up your business you have to make sure your cold calling marketing strategy is well defined. A targeted cold call will be more effective than a random call.

A common tactic to use is a warm up letter. Sending your intended call a notice that you are going to call them to offer them a particular service or product will be much better received. In this fashion, you know that if they answer the call they are more likely to be receptive to what you say on the call. This will aid you in catching their attention with your product with in the first eight seconds. Sending a polite letter to your customer with exactly who you are and what you are selling will be very well received. You will however have to make sure they know your letter is important and not simply junk mail.

In addition to a warm up letter, you want to keep in the good graces of your business prospects. In part this requires you to sometimes deal with the secretary or the personal assistant of the person doing the business. Be nice to this person. Treat this person with respect, learn their name and use it politely. Gain their respect with your actions and they will be more likely to favorably report your call to their boss.

Last but not least, you should develop a script. Develop this script to get the attention of your customer and use it. Don’t try to cold call without a script, you will stammer and stutter and soon enough your customer will lose interest and your eight second window will be gone. A proper cold calling script will have a dynamite opening hook line followed by the meat of your program as well as “just in case” talking points to divert the conversation back to the issue at hand, your sale. The script should include your closing and asking for the sale itself.

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