How To Become A Nuclear Affiliate

By | February 22, 2017
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How Do You Become A Nuclear Affiliate?

When I first took up affiliate marketing I wanted to be one of those people who’s name was all over the Internet. I wanted to be one of those when my name was mentioned people would instantly know who I was. Ok, we can all live the dream or is it a dream?

I am going to be very honest here, I haven’t realised the dream, well, not yet anyway and my name isn’t well known all over the Internet but that doesn’t stop me making money. I would like to be some famous affiliate but to me it’s not essential to me, what is important to me is that I keep doing what I am doing to make money and keep to goals that are well within my grasp.

I guess when people first start out as affiliates they do have this bright light idea of following in the footsteps of the big marketers, yes that would nice but it is very unlikely that you will ever get to that stage and that’s pretty much what frame of mind I was in when I first started.

I soon realised my priority wasn’t to become some big super affiliate but to make money at a level that I was confortable with. My priority was to forget what everyone else has done, stop chasing and trying to compete with those that have already made it and concentrate on how I was going to make it. The quicker I realised this the better.

You can’t honestly compete against some of these super affiliates when you first start out in affiliate marketing, It would be silly to even think it. Look at Andrew Fox for example, makes hand over fist whenever he wants, he’s got status, everyone knows him, he’s got years of  experience, he’s created numerous Internet Marketing products that have sold in their thousands and now he’s about to release yet another product called Nuclear Affiliate. How can you compete with this?

My advice is very simple, aim too high and you will miss, keep your sites to a level that you can compete with. Set yourself a goal that you will be able to reach and avoid dissappointment. Once you reach your goal, you can set it a little higher and you will be on your way to becoming a Nuclear Affiliate.

If you are just starting out online then you can find more infomation on my blog about setting up your own online business.

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