How and When to Present Your Business Cards

By | March 10, 2017
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In the world of business where corporate image is very important, the first impression you make on prospective business partners or clients will make or break your chances on getting the project that you want. So just how important are business cards?

Go ask any businessman attending business meetings or any social gathering for that matter. Smart businessmen realize that a business card provides you with a quick and easy way of advertising yourself or your company.

Unlike a brochure or a poster, a calling card is relatively small and you can easily bring it anywhere. Hand them out in any occasion – more formal businessmen have card holders but the most important thing is that your calling cards are with you. It wouldn’t really be much of a problem since your compact business cards can easily fit in all places – your bag, your wallet, presentation folders, between the pages of your books, and even in the pockets of your suit.

Be in the Game: Present Your Calling Cards

• Imagine, you are sitting in a bar and just struck up a conversation with a fellow businessman, what will you do next? Exchange your calling cards of course. A small gesture that potentially leads to bigger things.

• Exchanging calling cards may not be an actual transaction but it can technically be that with you swapping information. This is what a simple exchange of calling cards can do. You can even be more hopeful if your prospects tell you “Give me a call.”

• Nevertheless, callings cards are more than that. It is a gesture that you observe, initiating a step towards building relationships. It makes business more personal and intimate. It is the human side of business for it is not just about numbers or figures. It gives your company a human face making it easier for a person to remember you and your company.

• All the more, window of opportunities with exchanging cards allows you to interact in a more friendly approach. It lets you put your foot in the door – gaining your clients’ trust and confidence. And that, as any businessman should now, is what you have to earn.

• Always have a few words to say and end it with a handshake. Even when the other person hasn’t or wouldn’t allow you to finish talking, always initiate it. Your words and your gestures all contributes as to how effective you can be in pursuing clients, even if it began with a simple calling card.

• If your calling card is designed as an appointment card, persuade the other person to make good on that. Set-up a meeting with your client and write the details all down on that appointment card. This is especially useful for service-oriented businesses like ahir salons, wellness or spa centers, and more.

You must always take advantage of that vital moment when a person takes a glance at your business card. That is why it is imperative for any business to have professional-looking business cards that will grab the attention of the person that you give it to.

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