Graphology In Marketing

By | February 19, 2017
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Graphology, the study and analysis of handwriting, has proven to be a new way for companies to market their products and services. PDA Marketing’s Doodle-opes™ uses handwritten fonts and images to get mail opened immediately by causing a feeling of personalization that is common among friends and family. So why are companies utilizing such a thing in their marketing techniques?
Today, graphology is being used in a variety of ways ranging from determining someone’s personality to someone’s capability to do a job.  Andrea Ratajczak, marketing strategist with PDA Marketing, has experienced the use of graphology first-hand. After graduating college, a potential employer asked her to write as a part of her job application and took notice of her unique handwriting style. She’s now turned her handwriting into the eponymous Andrea font used in Doodle-opes™. This unique form of marketing has enabled companies to use graphology to get their message across to the masses.
When someone opens a newsletter or other direct mail, they often are bombarded with boring, plain text, which usually results in that mail being thrown away. With the use of graphology and handwritten information, potential customers’ attention is captured and focused on the mail they have just received. The personalization factor of using graphology has proven to be successful. Who wants to receive a letter that has no personality or character? Most people would rather have a fun, energetic, hand-written piece of mail.
Graphology is becoming a major part of PDA Marketing’s tools. With the use of handwritten and personalized Doodle-opes™, companies are capturing the attention of everyone receiving their direct mail, thus leading to successful relationships with their customers.

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