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By | March 6, 2017
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There are allot of ways through which you can get referrals, but i want to explain those which can be helpfull for getting referrals for PTC,PTR,MLM etc.

Downlinerbulider are one of the best way to get referrals.I personlly use Downlinerbuilders for getting referrals.If you need active referrals then you must join these downliner builder to get referrals.

Taking part in forums is also very good for getting referrals.

Excngeing links in forums are also good for getting referrals.

You can get referrals but manging referrals is also important thing.

Follow these steps

1. Do not generalize when asking for referrals. I have heard hundreds of thousands of introductions at business networking events in my 20 years of running a business referral organization. Many people, when outlining what type of referrals they want, use the words “anyone,” “someone” or “everyone.” I don’t recommend it. Here’s an example of a general announcement: “I’m looking for anyone who’s planning to take a trip this summer.” Or, “I can help everyone who is planning to travel sometime this year.” This is too vague. Instead, you should ask for a specific type of referral. One travel agency owner understood this point and said, “If you have a friend or co-worker who has been talking about traveling this summer, please refer him to me and I’ll help him plan a trip he will never forget!” It is also important to remember that if you are in a group that meets weekly, your presentation should focus on something different each time in order to continue the educational process.

2. Bring support materials to networking meetings. If you have something visual for members to view or leave with, your chances of staying in their minds long after the day’s meeting are increased. A flier about a product sale or a newsletter from your company are good items to bring. You might also bring samples of an item you carry in your store or place of business.

3. When introducing yourself, break your business down into the lowest common denominators.
In networking, lowest common denominators apply to business introductions, when each week you focus on simply one aspect of your business. In other words, break your business down into very small pieces. You may be tempted to use the laundry list approach-listing all the areas your business covers. Instead, consider that your fellow networkers will learn more about you week to week if you explain one aspect of your business at each meeting.

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