Everything You Do Affects Everyone Around You – Believe It or Not

By | March 18, 2017

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You know we all face daily challenges and the airport is maybe the best place
to observe all the different ways people handle life.
Just caught a flight from Las Vegas back home to Tucson and in the Vegas
airport I was impressed by two things. First, how nasty the attitudes of the
TSA agents were, it was as if they had all received a “Be Angry” memo.
Their collective temperament was infected those in line and as I watched the
people exiting the security area the foul mood was flowing into the nearby
food court where patrons were complaining about their treatment.
As I stood in line waiting my turn to place my order for the incredibly
over-priced Popeye’s “chicken biscuit combo” I noticed the mood
beginning to change. As I paid closer attention I realized why. The young man
taking everyone’s order and the older lady assembling everything were in a
great mood. They were greeting everyone cheerfully and as customers would
leave a happy “Have a great day and we really appreciate your business”
would follow. The little lady even called me “Sweetie” and to tell you
the truth I felt a little sweeter as a result.
I watched person after person grumble up to the line and to varying degrees
but without fail by the time they got to the spot to place their respective
orders they all had either a smile on their face or at least had lost the
scowl they arrived with. It was remarkable and a real lesson in the “ripple
effect” a single person’s attitude can have on those around them. You see
the people in line had not even got their “Good Morning” or “Sweetie”
yet they were hearing it, feeling it and beginning to show it. Those folks at
Popeye’s were changing the mood of everyone they came into contact with and
everyone of them carried that positive energy with them.
I noticed people as they would leave a little peppier and a little happier it
was really wonderful to watch. It reminded me of one of my favorite verses of
scripture – As a man (or woman) thinketh so shall he be. Nothing really
changed in the lives of those people who visited Popeye’s Chicken &
Biscuits that – nothing . . . except the most important thing the way they
were thinking.
It is contagious, your attitude, and it touches everyone around and
influences them in ways that quite often we never even see. How many lives
were made better by the kind words and upbeat demeanor of that clerk and
cook?? They will never know but I can confidently say that one person’s day
was made a little brighter . . . MINE.
Take a moment, share a good word, a smile and be sunshine in the lives of
those you come into contact with each day. If you choose to be your best then
it is a cinch that what you will get from others will be their best.
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