Do I Really Need an NTP Time Server?

By | July 26, 2017
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NTP (Community Time Protocol) is without doubt one of the oldest protocols nonetheless in use at this time. It was developed within the 1980’s when the web was nonetheless in its infancy and was designed to assist computer systems synchronise collectively, stopping drift and making certain units can talk with unreliable time inflicting errors.

NTP is now packaged in most working programs and types the idea for time synchronisation in computer systems, networks and different applied sciences. Most applied sciences and networks use a community time server (generally referred to as an NTP time server) for this job.

These time servers are exterior units that obtain the time from a radio frequency or GPS sign (each generated by atomic clocks). This time sign is then distributed throughout the community utilizing NTP making certain all units are utilizing the very same time.

As NTP is ubiquitous in most working programs and the web is awash with sources of atomic clock time, this begs the query of whether or not NTP time servers are nonetheless needed for contemporary laptop networks and know-how.

There are two the reason why networks ought to all the time use a NTP time server and never rely on the web as a supply of time for synchronisation. Firstly, web time can by no means be assured. Even when the supply of time is 100% correct and saved true (by the way most sources of web time are derived utilizing an NTP time server on the host’s finish) the space from the host can result in discrepancies.

Secondly, and maybe basically extra necessary to most enterprise networks is safety. NTP time servers work externally to the community. The supply of time both radio of GPS, is safe, correct and dependable and as it’s exterior to the community it might probably’t be tampered with en-route, or used to disguise malicious software program and bots.

NTP servers do not require an open port within the firewall, not like web sources of time which can be utilized as an entry level by malicious customers and software program.

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