Digital Promotion Basics: Leverage Your Marketing Campaign

By | March 9, 2017

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A digital promotion campaign can fit seamlessly within the overall framework of your marketing strategy. Mobile promotions, skins promotions and music download promotions don’t replace your current advertising channels – they complement them. They leverage them. Digital promotions extend your company’s reach into your chosen market. By doing so, they improve brand awareness, attract invaluable market data, and encourage customer loyalty.

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of interest in using digital promotions to spearhead broad market advertising campaigns. Companies of every size are realizing that mobile promotions, such as downloadable coupons, instant win games, ringtones, and other digital currency can have an enormous promotional impact. Many of your competitors are already leveraging them.

Below, we’ll explain why digital promotions, including music download promotions and skins promotions, should be an extension of your current marketing strategy. You will discover why companies in nearly every market have begun taking advantage of them.

Why Your Competitors Are Using Digital Promotions

Few incentives attract consumers and generate a response as effectively as digital promotions. They are a cost-effective promotional tool with which you can educate your market about your products. They build top-of-mind awareness of your brand. They encourage customer loyalty and long-term sales within the retail market. And they accomplish these goals while preserving your profit margins.

Because digital promotions can be delivered directly to an enormous base, they eliminate layers of costly advertising expenses. Mobile promotions, such as instant win games and sweepstakes, can be distributed at low cost to millions of consumers. That allows your company to generate sales without sacrificing your margins.

Music Download Promotions: Understanding Their Appeal

Have you ever wondered why music download promotions are so pervasive within our society? Consumers seem glued to their iPhones, PDAs, and other mobile devices on which they can download digital music incentives. To understand their appeal, it’s worth noting how this type of digital promotion dovetails perfectly with consumer psychology.

First, music is enjoyed universally and is consumed on an almost primal level. Second, consumers can instantly access music download promotions on their mobile devices. These two dynamics can be leveraged to gain quick entry into a large retail market. Digital promotions that offer downloadable music incentives allow you to tap into an infinite, universal reservoir of consumer interest. What’s more, you can use them as the launch pad upon which to build an opt-in database. That creates a mechanism through which you can deliver a perpetual string of future digital promotions.

Digital Promotions And Skins Promotions Complement Each Other

Skins promotions allow you to advertise your brand on consumers’ cell phones, laptops, and MP3 players. They can be personalized by consumers to suit their preferences and their devices. The effect of skins promotions is subtle, yet potent. They increase the level of loyalty felt by the device’s owner toward your brand. They also help your brand gain more market exposure as others observe the skins.

Digital promotions can build upon skins promotions to further increase brand awareness. For example, suppose you are promoting a soon-to-be-released movie by letting consumers download photos and create personalized skins of the actors. Further suppose that you launch a digital promotions campaign through which consumers can download games and music based on the movie. These multiple points of contact (i.e. skins, games, music, etc.) strengthen each other. In doing so, they further cement your brand in the consumer’s mind.

How To Leverage Mobile Promotions And Other Digital Promotions

To this point, we’ve merely touched upon the potential of using mobile promotions. Besides digital music incentives and downloadable games, you can also leverage instant win games, sweepstakes, and coupons. The key to making these digital promotions successful is to look beyond the immediate surge in sales they can produce. Their value extends much further.

Mobile promotions let you tap into the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices. They allow you to deliver your digital promotions instantly to a wide audience at a low cost. As a result, your promotional incentives will generate excitement in the retail market, which encourages consumers to participate. That expands your brand, builds customer loyalty, and paves the way for a long-term increase in sales. If you are not currently leveraging digital promotions as a key component of your marketing strategy, it’s time to explore your options.

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