Different Types of Displays Used to Sell and Promote Products

By | March 19, 2017
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Displays are marketing tools used to promote a company’s products or services. The basic purpose of all displays is to attract the attention of people to the product or service. Displays can be used in various locations (retail stores, trade shows, marketing events) and are of different types such as retail displays, grocery store displays, trade show displays and store fixture displays. As far as trade show displays go, there is a large variety to choose from, including banner displays, pop-up displays, fabric displays and other types. Here is a brief description of the various types of common displays.

Retail displays

Retail displays are used to communicate to people what is available in the store. Retailers place their premium products in the display window of stores to attract people. If people are interested in the products on display, they will enter the store, browse different products and buy them. A retail display is a very effective way of attracting new customers who are not aware of the products you sell.

Grocery displays

In grocery display, the shelves are used to display different products available. There is fierce competition among products for a space on the shelves at eye level as well as for the corner shelves, as these are the most eye catching areas in a store. There is a higher possibility of people buying products on these shelves. The products which sell well or are being promoted get a place on these coveted shelf spaces. Many companies use attractive stands or posters to make their products stand out.

Store fixture displays

Products like clothes are displayed using store fixtures. Generally mannequins are used to showcase the latest trends in clothes available at the store. The mannequins are dressed in different varieties of outfits like formal, casual, beach wear etc to demonstrate that a wide variety of clothes is available at the store and to attract the attention of passers-by.

Trade show displays

At trade shows, you will find displays in abundance. Exhibitors use different trade show displays to market their products or services. With so many products and booths all vying for attention, it is very difficult to stand out on the trade show floor. Exhibitors use elaborate fabric displays, one of a kind custom displays and prominent hanging displays to catch visitors’ eye. Having a unique and attractive booth at a trade show can give your business and the sale of your product or service a real boost.

One of the most popular displays is the attractive fabric display. New trends in fabric displays include: the fur fabric display, the eye-catching LED fabric display and the thermo chromic fabric display. You can consider using one or more of these displays to market your product effectively at an upcoming trade show.

Lighting for the displays

Proper booth lighting highlights the display graphics and advertising messages more effectively. Regardless of the type of display you choose, such as pop-up displays, table top displays, banner stands, kiosks and fabric displays, the right lighting can do wonders to make your booth at an event stand out.

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