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By | March 8, 2017
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Have you considered running a mobile marketing campaign to help gain visibility for your business? You’ll first need to create WAP site or sites to do it, of course, but the investment is truly worthwhile. Mobile WAP sites are now being created with more frequency due to the increasing volumes of people worldwide who are accessing the Internet via their mobile phones and devices. And, the use of mobile WAP sites are also an increasingly popular tool for both individuals and businesses that want to run mobile marketing campaigns. There are many useful features you can take advantage of via mobile WAP sites, such as conducting various types of surveys, polls and voting, using blogs, creating branded store fronts, providing up-to-date informational content and even entertaining trivia for visitors to your mobile site. You can also broadcast your message via news alerts and send out downloadable freebies and discount offers. Whether you need to create a new mobile WAP site or are just looking to create WAP site functionality for your already existing website, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

To begin with, you need to find the best solution to create your mobile WAP site. Should you hire a web programmer or take some mobile programming classes or should you pay for one of those expensive services? Well, there really is no need to do any of that. There is a great online service available at Mobilemo that lets you create WAP site features quickly and easily for your business and personal use at a very affordable rate – the basic personal service offered is actually free. They also have a premium version of the personal service that includes additional features and more storage for $5 a year and there is also a business plan that costs only $10 a year and includes a free 15-day trial. By using the Mobilemo service, you can quickly and easily create and customize your own WAP site, giving you visibility to the hundreds of millions of users who are accessing the Internet every single day over their mobile phones and devices.

Now that you’ve found the best service to use in order to create WAP site features easily and that are affordable, you need to focus on customization of your mobile WAP site. With Mobilemo’s service, you will immediately be able to create mobile-friendly catalogs to show off your products and services, announce special contests or promotions and blast news releases as well as upcoming sales and events. You can also provide basic information that many visitors typically use mobile Internet to access, such as contact numbers, addresses, pricing, dates and times of events or you can even distribute mobile coupons or electronic discount tabs and downloadable freebies. Some of the most popular features are the mobile polls, comments and guest book features where you can create custom forms to collect memberships, reservations or respond to inquiries and allow your visitors to leave comments or send you their contact information.

With the literally hundreds of millions of people accessing the internet on their mobile phones daily, businesses today can no longer choose to simply ignore this important and viable potential client base – especially when it can be so affordable and easy to create your own mobile WAP sites with great services out there like Mobilemo’s.

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