Cost Per Lead Marketing Can Make You Wealthy

By | February 23, 2017
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Cost per lead marketing is the holy Grail of making money online and in this article, I’m going to prove it to you!  Making money with cost per action leads is so much easier, when you have the right information online.

When I first started making money online, I used Google Adwords and was doing very well, until they changed their rules and made it harder to advertise their pay per click.  They started disabling my keywords and I had to deal with a low quality score everyday.  I was losing money fast and I knew I had to find another search engine to make money, that would not tear a hole in my pocket.

>> Discover How I Make $300 a Day Right Here << and are two of the best pay per click companies online.  Their interface is very easy to use and the ads are highly targeted, so you actually make money.  Right now I am promoting a free Motorola Droid offer in and making $1.50 per lead. and 7Search does not slap you with crazy rules and quality scores.

Those two areas that I revealed above for your pay per click marketing are real winners, because you can pay anywhere is from $.05-$.10 per click, which is not going to happen with Google advertising.  Other wealthy marketers, who know how to keep their quality score up, will muscle you out of the bidding process and believe me, you’ll spend all day changing your ads and trying to use new keywords.  There really is a living nightmare, but you won’t get that when you use pay per click advertising!

I built a movie site many years ago and last year I decided to promote Netflix.  I made thousands of dollars, by simply putting a Netflix movie banner on my website.  I like to take the big horizontal banners and put them across the pages of my website at the very top.  What I really liked about Netflix is, I was being paid $18 per lead or per sign-up.  Let me just say, this was easy money and anyone can do this.

>> Discover How I Make $300 a Day Right Here <<

Now there are good number of CPA lead networks, that pay very well, but not all of them are going to give you high payouts.  Not all the CPA lead networks will even pay you properly for every lead, like they say they will.  There only two companies that I even trust, when it comes to CPA marketing and those two are Linshare and  I have been making money with these two companies for over 10 years.

I decided to try out some of the popular CPA networks online and I won’t mention any names, but they did not work out so well.  I sent one CPA company thousands of hits to a dating site and did not make one penny, but when I removed their dating offer and were placed at with a different dating offer from Commission Junction (, I started making money!

Another thing I like about CPA marketing is you don’t have to have your own website and the two search engines I mentioned up above, allow you to direct link to the website, which is perfect for affiliates and CPA offers.  Most people will make blogs and hardly make any money at all, because they don’t know to use cost per action leads.  For example, a good teeth whitening cost per action lead, can make you a ton of money fast.

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