Cingular Cell Phone Ringtones

By | March 6, 2017
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A ringtone can tell you a lot about a person. You can define some one by the ringtone he chooses to carry in his mobile phone. Ringtones have become very common these days but it wasn’t always like that. The Ringtonesand cellular phone music industry will celebrate next year it’s first decade of existence. The ringtone as we are familiar with it today generated in Finland (the homeland of the Nokia cell Phone) in 1998 and since then it spread quickly to the whole world to become one of the most profitable parts of the mobile and telecommunication industry.

The growth of the ringtone industry in the last decade brought with it an immense variety of choices for the average mobile phone consumer. is an exciting new site where you can download Cingular Ringtones. Cingular, which is now called AT&T Mobility LLC, is the largest Mobile Company in the USA with more than 70 million subscribers. offers you the largest selection of ringtones for Cingular and AT&T cell phones. At you can find Classical Ringtones, Country and Folk Ringtones, Dance Ringtones, Gospel Ringtones, hard Rock, Metal Ringtones, Jazz Ringtones, Blues Ringtones, Latin Ringtones and many more….

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