Choosing Brand Name Promotional Products

By | March 20, 2017
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Using brand name products in your promotions gives you the unique opportunity to leverage the brand recognition of the world’s most prominent brands. By simply printing your logo on items from Nike, Titleist and many others, you can equate your brand image with dependable and quality products that these manufacturers sell through their brand name. Associating your name with these products can yield high returns in name recognition and brand development for your company.

The key to using branded products successfully is deciding which promotions would be best suited for them. ePromos is not only your source for the most popular brand name products, we’re also here to explain when to use these brands and how to use them correctly in a promotional campaign.

What brands does ePromos carry?
ePromos customizes products from a wide array of brand names in all product categories. Click here to browse our brand name promotional products. From golf and corporate apparel to gifts, food, bags, travel and office items we feature top brand names in every product category at wholesale prices.

When to use brand name products:

  • Promotions for customers- Send the message loud and clear that you appreciate their business by giving them quality products that have an established brand image.
  • Promotions to impress – If you are trying to make a lasting impression on prospects, a brand name product will go a long way to winning them over and the recipients will be reluctant to throw away promos which they know have value.
  • Great deals on popular products – If you buy in bulk, you can get brand name products at a fraction of their regular price and still know that you are giving away great quality items.
  • Rewarding upper level employees – Brand name items give you the opportunity to reward your employees with something more valuable and memorable than cash. If they have seen the products in the stores than they know they are receiving something that is durable and dependable.

    When they might not be the right choice:

  • When there is no brand name – Some promotional products, like stress balls, don’t really have brand name equivalents.
  • When the message can be conveyed without a brand name product – If the success of your promotion is based on the creativity of the item, the idea you’re conveying may be more important than the brand of the item.
  • When cost is an issue – When cost is an issue, you may have to sacrifice the brand name to put together your promotion within the corporate budget. While quality is important, it is worth mentioning that many non-brand name apparel items are made in the same factories as brand name products, and ePromos is dedicated to delivering only quality non-branded products along with the branded items.

ยทย  If the brand has similar products to yours – While you may think a brand manufacturer only produces the product you are using for the promotion, you should ensure that they don’t carry other products which may compete with yours.

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