Celebrity endorsements seems the best marketing way to attract the public

By | February 27, 2017
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“I had no feeling on the watch before, according to psychological price option, because I like Lin Chi-ling now, I am more interested in her lay for Longines.” Miss Lee select in the Zhongfu Jewelry gucci twirl watches line says. Celebrity endorsement is not a new topic and watch industry has done with celebrity endorsements is impressive. According to industry sources, when the occasion gucci digital watches competition from the price wars to the new products war is also hard to compete, use celebrity endorsements to attract the public seems to be the best way of marketing.

Celebrity endorsements may “Love me, love my dog”

As a result of Miss Li as love “who” and concerned about the “who” phenomenon are everywhere. My colleagues Tao because of appreciating George Clooney and then concerned about Omega; reader Jiao Yang because fascinated with the Nicholas Cage’s movie and loved Montblanc

gucci gold watches enthusiasts and industry Mr. Yuan Ming said that impact of celebrity endorsements is to make consumers “Love me, love my dog,” the fundamental demands of celebrity endorsements is to attract public’s eye, let the consumer’s pursuit of celebrity shift to concern and trust on products stars endorsement.

Brand and sales go hand in hand

Zhongfu watches jewelry line planning manager Li said: “Most high-end fashion gucci men’s watches like s celebrity endorsements mode, in addition, settled in China relatively early, such as Omega, Longines, radar, Tissot these international brands likes adopt celebrity endorsements. Celebrity endorsements will enhance the brand and corporate image. ”

China Venture Capital Research Vice President Dr. Wu Xizhen think that: “a good star, can bring about sustained sales growth for the brand, can also help form a good culture and temperament, it is a sustainable development assets, but requires long-term construction and maintenance. and the stars can not have a negative impact, this is a test for the vision when brand in the choice of stars. “he added, the a successful endorsement will expand the market visibility, market share and coverage for the brand , value-added intangible assets, in order to bring about sustained growth profits for business.

Star quality need to meet the brand characteristics

No matter the economic crisis in 2009 or the recovery of 2010, the campaigns of top star + luxury gucci wrist watches everywhere, from the luxurious Piaget to the elegant Longines, or accessible Tissot, it seems very “powerful combination.” But the industry suggested that the selection of spokesmen for the brand in addition to consider the star quality whether correspondence with audience’s expected target, but also require the star a good background and innocent family history, then some day dug up negative, the brand will be involved, such losses are great.

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