CakePHP Best PHP Framework for Rapid Application Development

By | February 5, 2017
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CakePHP is open source, lightweight and popular PHP framework. It is a rapid application development platform that saves your coding time as well as money. This framework used to minimize the architectural headaches and employing many features nearly similar to the Ruby on Rails. It is MVC based architecture i.e. Model, View and Controller layer that allows you to easily customize and extend most facet of the application.

Frameworks are reusable designs which may be include of different supportive programs, code libraries and a scripting language. Web developers can increase efficiency due to reusability concept for the web development. There are many of PHP frameworks are available which makes build application faster and save your time during coding.

With the help of frameworks developer can more concentrate on the core business needs rather than spending valuable time on other technological issues in the application development. No need to type complex codes that’s reason project completion faster.

Many are good features of it like Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5, follows architectural model of model-view-controller (MVC), Integrated CRUD for database, URL mapping, database access & mapping, Security, session, and request handling components, etc. Main feature is to create structure platform that allows you to work on a structure quickly without losing flexibility.

CakePHP Programmers can save time spending for unnecessary codes that are required for security reasons by simply data sanitization. You don’t need to worry about injection attach. It allows changing your database in any manner without worrying about SQL queries. You can easily keep tracking of every query that has been made in entire application. It takes minimum configuration time for deploying on a server.

It is best platform for the development of dynamic web applications and websites to perform most of the expectations. It helps in reducing development cost and developers are facilitated with writing less coding for the development.

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