Brand Promotion Via Mobile Marketing

By | March 8, 2017
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The concept of marketing has evolved with the passage of time. Evolution of technology gifted us with a wide variety of marketing tools. Brand marketing is no more a hassle for the business organizations. Mobiles have become an important medium of advertising. This is because mobiles are perhaps the only means of advertisement where the seller can approach the buyer directly. The facility of one to one interaction with the potential and existing customers is available only via mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing can be primarily done in two ways. SMS marketing and text messaging are the two most popular ways of marketing via mobile phone. The procedure of marketing through SMS and text messaging are very simple. The seller gives the detail of his product or service and sends it to the customer. Scope is provided so that the customer can get back to the seller within the shortest span of time. Whenever a message reaches an individual he or he is bound to check it.

The moment when the message is displayed on the mobile it has a quick effect on the reader and if the product or brand seems interesting to him then he or she is bound to revert back to the seller either virtually or physically. Critics may argue that repetitive messages might also irritate a mobile user as result of which they may delete the message even before opening it. This risk persists only if your target audience is a group of unknown people. The foundation of a successful SMS campaign is the correct identification of the customer base.

If you intend to sell an electronic gadget, men will be the best target group. Similarly when you try to promote a brand of beauty products, female customers are the right choice. So, the advertiser needs to understand the nature of the product or service before identifying the customer base. Once the identification stage is over, the seller can message the target audience about the product. Every mobile marketing message has the contact details of the seller at the end of the message so that the customers can get back to the seller at the earliest.

Mobile marketing has an edge over the other marketing tools only because it is the fastest and perhaps one of the most fruitful techniques. Revenues have simply doubled after a good mobile marketing strategy. Surveys and research have proven the fact that marketing through mobiles are now accepted as the best way of brand promotion. The biggest brand managers of the world have started taking up this form of marketing for promoting their products. Mobiles are not only an important communication tool; they have actually become an equally important mode of advertising.

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